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Rug fringes

Posted by stevej (stevej), 15 February 2004
I have a job to do this week which includes cleaning a couple of rugs with very dirty fringes. I have struggled in the past to get the fringes looking really clean. Is the Prochem way - hand scrub multi pro, then shampoo with oxibrite/fibrebuff/fibre shampoo the best way to go?
I would be grateful for any advice
Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 15 February 2004
If the fringe is made of cotton then they can be treated using an oxidising bleach. (if they are to be white)
It's not something I like to get involved with but I'm sure there will be some advice from the cleanitup gods!

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 15 February 2004

I'll second Pauls' attitude to bleaching of fringes. Some will advise the use of APR or hydrogen peroxide but I feel that since oxidisation weakens the fringe, it should be use only as a last resort, and then only after advising the customer of the fibre damage.

For really dirty fringes:

1) Place suitable plastic below fringe and pre-spray as appropriate - generally B108 Fabric Restorer but specific soiling may indicate an alternative product.

2) Work in pre-spray. Either a tampico brush with firm presure from web outwards or express with roller.

3) Re-treat with pre-spray, place doubled terry towel above and below fringe and power blot, either with roller or heavy dabbing.

4) Extraction rinse with acidic agent such as B109. To avoid tangling, use tool upside-down (hose-up), drawing tips into tool first, then advance tool towards web. Place left hand, palm towards you near opening of tool and spray onto hand so that the rinse is drawn into tool, passing along the fringe-strings.

Whilst spraying, draw the tool towads the fringe tips. When you reach the tips stop spraying and advance the tool back toward the web. Repeat the former motion, without the spray, but this time with the left hand forming  a partial restriction whilst you move back toward the tips.

5) If required the power blotting can be repeated with fresh toweling.

Sounds complicated but feels natural with a little practice.

There are variations on the above that I use but it would take a booklet to explain.

When discussing the clean with the clien, always make them aware that a dirty fringe always looks worse befor it looks better and that the final result will not be seen untill completely dry.


Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 16 February 2004
Hi Steve

I think you will have gathered by John's post that you need to spend some considerable time on fringes.

Be careful with bleaches, as has already been said they do weaken cotton.  Remember that fringes are never 'pure' white to start with.

Posted by Mr._One_Step (Steve Carpenter), 16 February 2004
Hi Steve,

Cotton fringes are best cleaned on the neutral to slightly acidic side with a pre-conditioner such as One Step ‘Fineline’ pH 6.5

Lay the rug on an oversized plastic sheet and spray the fringe with Fineline, then brush the fringe away from the rug repeating as necessary until you see the soil release and original fringe colour return.

Finally fresh water rinse and make additional drying passes until most of the moisture has been extracted. If the fringe has stains or has browned through a previous cleaning attempt then post spray with a 5% solution of acetic acid (white vinegar) and dry extract until excess moisture has been removed-this will remove browning and lighten the fringe without causing damage.

Finally speed-dry the rug using air movers. The white vinegar odour will dissipate quickly.



Posted by stevej (stevej), 16 February 2004
Thanks for all your replies - i will give it my best shot



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