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The Meaning of (window cleaning) Liff.

Posted by Ken (Ken), 23 December 2003
Some of you might be familiar with the writings of Douglas Adams (Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, etc). Has anyone read "The Meaning of Liff"? Basically DNA reckons that there are hundreds of everyday experiences that we have no words for, yet at the same time there are countless words hanging about on signposts that don't mean anything. "Liff" just brings them together! Window cleaning is surely a rich seam for this sort of thing...
How about "Rickling" - a type of knot only found in wfp hoses. Or "Lubbock" - a person who asks if you are a window cleaner when you are up a ladder cleaning windows. Hopefully you get the idea, any suggestions (and keep 'em clean!)?
Posted by denzle (denzle), 24 December 2003
How about a " Rungfouler " thats when when you step in dog pooh and fail to notice the evil smell that follows you 15 foot up in the air.
However it all becomes obvious on your way down when you notice that you have colour coded ladder rungs, work trousers and hands.
Oh how we laugh when this happens....

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