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Starting a Cleaning Company - Advice Please

Posted by ZD (ZD), 13 November 2003
I am thinking of starting a cleaning company and wanted to ask advice on how to go about it, what I need to take into consideration:
- equipment
- job sheets/ estimate sheets/ evaluation sheets
- customer contracts
- employee contracts
- training
- insurance
- Ltd or sole trader
- transportation
- fliers/ brochures

Any details you can provide would be a big plus

Thank you
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 13 November 2003
Read post on this formu , you will find many tips.

AtoZ CLean
Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 15 November 2003
Often overlooked but the most important thing of all is a good marketing system. Read all the marketing info you can lay your hands on and learn all you can about marketing.
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 16 November 2003
Fintan is dead right.

Loads of people can tell you how to market to existing customers, but not many on how to find and retain that core base of 300 customers.


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