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Problems fixing ladder mits

Posted by woods_windows (woods_windows), 4 October 2003
hello there just got a set of ladder mits with the cold weather creaping up i want to be a bit more safer up the ladders there like an orange pair but they just wont stay on right and i cant keep the ladders right down or they just fall of is there a way to keep them to stay on drilling them on or something my ladders are just standard 13 rungs can any one help me thank you dave windows
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 5 October 2003
I have a set as well. Maybe u could super glue them on  Huh But either way u still wont be able to fold the ladder all the way down with them on  Undecided
Posted by woods_windows (woods_windows), 5 October 2003
thanks for that yes i will try it is that what you have done or do you not have problems with yours
Posted by matt (matt), 5 October 2003
thing wth superglue is that once you knock it, the bond is broken

try some clear silacone sealant, this will give a little if you know it, and it sticks like sht to a blanket when cured
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 5 October 2003
I just take mine off at the end of the day. Dont use them all the time, sometimes they get in the way Undecided

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