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fly by night window cleaners

Posted by garry (garry), 2 April 2004
Grin been doing this window cleaning for about 10 months now doin quite well geting lots of new work from flyers + yellow pages which has just come out.
 Cry the problem is i get phone calls from people wanting a window cleaner and when i go round to the house to price up and i say a tenner for 4 bed detached they say things like the last window cleaner only charged 6 six bloody quid for a 4 bedder in the thames valley no way. i say where is has your window cleaner gone oh they say havent seen him for months no wonder i think they are only out to make tax free dosh winds me right up
dont people reliase you get what you pay for.
any way got that of my chest of to se reading v west ham let of some steam.
Posted by Londoner (Vince Green), 3 April 2004
Its always been the same. Its just a fact of life that this business attracts what you call fly by nights.
A lot of them are dole cheats and the like.
The only way you can deal with it is to rise above it. Having a proper van and wearing overalls doesn't make you a better WC but it does create a better impression with the customer. If you look professional then you must know what you are doing.

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