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commercial with no insurence

Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 29 January 2004
a window cleaner i know reakons he is getting loads of work for shops/health authouritys/hotels etc ..window cleaning and cleaning the inside ..hoovering etc...but the thing is i know for a fact he aint got no insurence of any kind and no public liabilty...he dont even tell the tax man....this he says is why he gets the work...if he dont pay out all this stuff he can price up i think he is talking bu*&%$t..surley the shops etc will want to see the paperwork...and what happens to him when the tax man finds out about the cheuqes?Huh!?1....i dont think he will be going for long.....he says he cant afford to do it any other way...he has been going only for about 6 months!

i only say this because i had to get pl to clean leaded windows on a pub once...!!

anyways any comments on this pure bread cowboy would be interesting
Posted by denzle (Denzle), 29 January 2004
Its people like this that make me angry, whilst the rest of us are paying our dues this guy is moonlighting.
What if he caused damage to a customers property ? he would simply disappear never to be seen again. Meanwhile we all get tared with the same brush.
I'm afraid i would have to make a phone call and put this guy out of business. Until we are all playing on the same level pitch this business will never become respected and taken seriously by the customer.
Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 29 January 2004
yes i know what you mean..its the reason i dont ake on all the big work..ok i have pl..but thats it..i pay tax thou...Why shpuld he get the work and get away with it....trouble is i know him and to stich him up aint really know what they say...what goes around and all that Wink

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