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Posted by matt (matt), 15 February 2004
My brother runs a Office, so i get free printing / photocopying Smiley

i asked him to do me some A4 flyers just before christmas, so he did me 100

this time i redesigned the flyer to get 2 per A4 sheet, great i thought, thats 200 i will get done

so i e.mail him, and ask him to do as many as he can Wink afterall its free

he arrived today, with 7500 sheets, thats 15000 flyers

looks like i will be putting out flyers in the whole of the south Grin Grin Grin might even get up north if i have time Shocked Grin Shocked

15000 flyers, what am i going to do with all of them Huh Huh Huh
Posted by Sunshine (Sunshine), 15 February 2004
...get out there and start posting em. Your not going to earn any if they are sat in the van Wink Wink

We did 900 leaflets and only got 3 replies to start with...but we now have a work coming in.
Posted by crystal (crystal), 15 February 2004
im still getting people ringing me up for cleans from flyers i posted last october
spring must be around the corner  Grin
Posted by matt (matt), 15 February 2004
we only need 8 days work though

3 for me

and 5 for my mate

posted 40 the other week, and got 4 new 1's this week

Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 21 February 2004
Keep them. they will not be wasted. Part of any sucessful window cleaning business should be the continual process of improving your book. Customers move, die etc and need to be replaced.
Other customers can be quietly dropped when you get better ones to replace them
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 21 February 2004
never expect instant results with flyers. logic says that the day you post them is a rainy day. cant work so post leaflets. you punter reads the leaflet looks out of the window and thinks not today its raining, some file them some bin them. i had a call last week at my mums, a number that was on leaflets 4 years ago.
Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 21 February 2004
Apart from do you need a wc - what do you put on your flyers?
Posted by matt (matt), 21 February 2004
mine says


Your LOCAL Window cleaners are now accepting New customers

We are all ready in your area, thus helping keep traveling down, thus keeping prices


Please contact us for a price.

blah blah blah numbers

Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 21 February 2004
i have dropped at lest 200 flyers and may be 500 buisiness cards. i have had a great response 24 new customers this week and over the month no less than 35, and its only the 21st.  i starte full time just 2 weeks ago and have never looked back. love spending more time with my family( i was on shift work prior)
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 21 February 2004

You're obviously doing something right. Fancy sharing what's on YOUR flyer?

Just being Nosey, you realise Wink
Posted by sc (sc), 24 February 2004
Could anybody please email me a copy of any flyers etc. that they use. I would be very grateful and will email back the flyers I have used in the past. Any comments on the success of your flyers would be appreciated aswell.

Thanks alot


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