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am I too soft charging low price?

Posted by jake (jake), 13 January 2004
Bumped into a headmistress the other day(ooerr!) whose school windows we sometimes clean. She asked if we'd do her house inside and out, 'of course we will' and we done it this afternoon. It was virtually all 8in and 6in panes and all well dirty! 4hrs later!! and both my mate and I well knackered, gave her the bill, £70! she nearly fainted! I kept it low cos I knew it wouldn't go down well (too soft?) Well, we walked round with her and counted the number of panes, 488!! inside as well makes 976sides of glass!! plus internal doors. She paid up! Am I too soft? what would you lot charge? † † † † † † †Jake
Posted by peterf (peterf), 13 January 2004
You would have been better giving her a price before you started, that way she would have had the option of going to someone else if she thought your price was too much


Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 13 January 2004
I agree if you have a look at the job first , then tell them it will cost X amount then they have the choice Cool
Posted by jake (jake), 13 January 2004
She was out (headmistress), but her nanny made us a cup of tea! I'll know better next time!


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