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Dirty Bath

Posted by silkcut (silkcut), 8 December 2003
Our whirlpool bath has not been used for months. When I filled it up to use over the weekend, lots of dirty black bits came out of the jets.
I've tried emptying it and refilling with washing up liquid and hot water to blast it out , but the problem persists. Can anyone reccommend a solution?
Posted by RAINBOW69 (RAINBOW69), 9 December 2003
Run the whirpool as normal, but add a couple of dishwasher tablets. The caustic soda in them usually works a treat on blocked jets and cleans the bath!
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 9 December 2003
The dishwasher tablets are the best thing for this type of bath.

Boiling water and a few dishwasher tablets in a bucket, wait till they disolve and then put into bath.

Turn on the bath and the solution will run through the system.

EVERYTHING that is in the system will come out, hair, grit grime and probably fecal matter (UGH!)

Horrible as that sounds all these things are probably in any whirlpool bath system.


Martin Cool
Posted by Fox (Fox), 9 December 2003

Have you lot been watching How Clean is Your House?! Smiley
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 9 December 2003
You betcha babe!

This remedy was in the first programme.

cannot BELIEVE how some people live!

Dead mice, snail trail superhigway and bathing in their own feces (Bleugh!).

I have only been cleaning now for 3 months and some of the things i am coming across are leaving me speechless and chin on floor.

But hey! KA-CHING!!!


Martin Cool
Posted by petra (petra), 9 December 2003
I think most of us watch that programme to reassure ourselves that lots of people live in filth, not just thoses we are unlucky enough to come across, but lucky in the other sense as they are good high priced jobs....
Petra Grin
Posted by Fox (Fox), 10 December 2003
I used to do cleans like that for the local authority, sometimes after an eviction but mainly when someone with mental health problems refuse help until it gets to that stage.

God did I look good in rubber gloves and waders!  Seems like eions ago now.

It also reminds of that program a life of grime. After watching that I never feel like eating out again! Shocked

Soz silkcult know I have gone right off the subject of your bath!  Did you try ot the dishwasher tablets? What were the results?
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 11 December 2003
whilst using the dishwasher tablet method on your bath,i have found in the past is to also to dissolve a couple off calgon tablets in with solution and run the whirlpool for 15 mins,the calgon will break down the calcium in the pipes and jets. once done it is also recommended to run bath with pure water for another ten mins to clear system.

Posted by silkcut (silkcut), 11 December 2003
Haven't tried dishwasher tablets or calgon yet - still walking around smelly!
Will give it a go at the weekend and let you all know the results.
Thanks everyone for all advice

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