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Large Window Nerves

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 28 February 2004
Hi all again,
just ordered all my gear to start window cleaning and have been offered a job at a cafe to clean outside weekly and inside fortnightly.Trouble is my only experience so far is cleaning ours and our next door neighbours windows twice.Is it a good idea to go straight onto cleaning a large window (its about 10 foot by 12 foot).Is there a technique to cleaning these big uns as I don't want to make myself look a wally.Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 28 February 2004
Congratulations Pete on getting your first bit of work!

I would say that this probably a good way to start, as there won't be too much ladder work to worry about, which is often the most tricky thing.

I don't want to make myself look a wally.

I don't think there's much chance of that, I've seen window cleaners doing shops, using only a scrim, and making a complete mess of it.  Just the fact that you have the correct equipment will make you look like a pro.

Take your time, if your up a little ladder, do it in sections (even though its only one pane of glass).  

Eg Top left, mop,squeegee, scrim
>> move ladder to middle,
mop(overlapping what you just did) squeegee, scrim
>> move ladder to right,
mop, squeegee, scrim.  
Then do the bottom half at floor level all at once (overlapping what you did at the top), with long horizontal strokes.

You'll need your applicator(mop) quite wet, and after squeegeeing, you'll need to scrim the overlapped bits to dry off the excess water.

Hope it goes ok!  Don't apologise for taking a long time, that just shows the owner you're willing to do it properly.

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 28 February 2004
Thanks Phil much appreciated.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 1 March 2004
How did you get on with it Pete?

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