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Stream Window Cleaning Supplies

Posted by fez (fez), 30 March 2004
Hi all.

I received an email from Stream supplies , advertising their site. Does anyone know anything about them?

The website looks quite good, they have a large range of products including water fed pole systems but some items are price on application.

Steve. Grin
Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 31 March 2004
i have atank of theirs 1000 litre low level once i sorted out a few teething problems it has worked well.
problems i have had are as water is spread across floor of van road camber can make it difficult to get pumps to pick water up after half of tank used up. solution is to pull onto curb to level van. i have not had undue service problems so far instructions are a bit vague Undecided but then which of these companies has good instruction on how to use the kit. p.s. the low level is great for putting al your reels on and other stuff but the tray top edges are a bit of a joke for holding spills when i first started out i would regularly pull up open the door and flood the road. solution put it in a pley box and paint with fibreglass resin to catch spills and then put drain hose from ply box thru van floor to drain away. if you look on the web for building fish tanks there are some good designs for the boxes.  Huhshould i set up a company making these
Posted by pussycatz (HCS), 1 April 2004
Can you please only use English when replying to posts. Grin Grin
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 1 April 2004
Yeah i was looking at them low level tanks, when and if i needed one they look pretty good and alot safter due to lower to the ground, if you know what i mean.

Its good you mentioned about when the water gets low its hard for the pump to pick up etc dint think of that one. Keep us updated with it.


Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 2 April 2004
something else i had stream do was to put stainless steel brackets on the top to hold 20 meter hozelock auto return reels on top at side and rear door they have worked well as you can often get to a job without reeling in and out. the reels have taken a fair bit of wear now and after a year are starting to kink up a bit and one of them doesn.t click stop now but we just wind it around the reel still one year on is preety good going we also had the top of the tank reinforced when we bought it so as to take weight of pressure washer if we ever need to carry one. ask them at stream they can do all this for you. p.s. don,t try to replace the hose in an auto return reel it just doesn,t work.  what have you found to be the best stop end have tried otts and brass ones settled on hozelocks but seem to wear out really fast. and b&q are quite pricey anyone got any tips

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