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New Boy

Posted by Appleton_Cleaning (Bill Appleton), 20 January 2004
Evenin' all.  

Have come into this after a bit of thought and some consultation with the wifes' uncle, who has been doing it for a number of years.  Went self employed early last year after 4th (!!!) redundancy, and was looking for something "all my own". Bought myself a Ninja and some other toys and launched into it.

Have done a few jobs, however am keeping on the "day job" for the time being ( delivering picnic benches, would you believe!).

I'm based in Cambridgeshire, and come originally from a background in domestic insurance ( paying lots of money to people like carpet cleaners!!!)

Nothing else much to say, other than that I look forward to picking your collective brains as time goes on.

Stay sane,

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 20 January 2004
Hi Bill,

Welcome aboard...
You don't have to be mad to join us but sometimes it does help  Wink  Grin

Kind regards
Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 20 January 2004
Hi Bill...
You will find this site very useful....remember too that you can use the search facility to gain information on most subjects.
Tony  Cheesy
P.s There are other sites too...but this ones best! Shocked
Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 20 January 2004
Hi Bill,
Living in Cambridgeshire is very handy for a very usefull visit to Alltec - give them a ring, then get yourself over there - youve nothing to lose, then book yourself in, on the 'Sunny day out', as featured on the "Cleantalk" site, in fact just get anywhere where you can be in the company of other Professional cleaners and you will get great info and help. All the best.
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 20 January 2004
Hi Bill

Welcome aboard, you will find this forum very informative and those on it extremely helpful.


Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 20 January 2004
Hi Bill,

Good machine the old ninja, all the best.

Posted by peewa (neil 47), 20 January 2004
Welcome to the board bill.
I have been using this forum for some weeks know and was lucky enough to be invited to go out with a full time carpet technican (Martin Riley).
I took Martin up on his offer of a few weeks ago, and today I spent all day with him and i,ve got to say it was the best thing i,ve ever done.
It has competly changed my view of carpet cleaning and I now realise it,s more than just cleaning carpet,s.(It,s hard work)
marketing is a big part of the job.And also selling your self and your products&service and also valuing the service you give to the client.
I would just like to thank Martin & Diane very much for welcoming me and helping someone new into the buissnes
it was worth more than all the training manuels put together and I had a great day. so bill take all the advice you can get of these boards.    

Thanks again  Martin & Diane

Posted by paul_moss (paul_moss), 20 January 2004
Bill welcome
Like you I was new a few months ago, loads of great advice on this forum.Best line of work I have been in.

Posted by Martin_Riley (Martin_Riley), 20 January 2004
Hi Neil,
Glad you got home OK. I hope you enjoyed the day out and that I gave you a lot to think over. By the way thanks for cleaning those four houses free for me while I put my feet up Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Wink
Posted by Kinver_Clean (Kinver_Clean), 22 January 2004
After many years working on my own and wondering what other cleaners were doing these great boards appeared. Now the feeling of isolation has gone and there is help not only for us old fogeys but for newcomers as well.
Good luck
Posted by Appleton_Cleaning (Bill Appleton), 23 January 2004
Thanks all for your replies. Must dash as off to Ante-natal with  the wife.....
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 23 January 2004
I agree that this forum is an EYE OPENER Shocked
I have been a CC since 1982 and worked on my own since 89. The forums here have shown me more up to date chemicals/machinery/work practices and more importantly..........just how out of date my pricing was Roll Eyes
I have now brought all of the above Grinbang up to date. I wish i had found this site ages ago,and as a newcomer to the trade, you have many combined years of experience to call upon. Good luck with new venture and new baby Cool

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