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Posted by DP (DP), 18 October 2003
Can anybody recommend an all inclusive software platform that they favor in respect of the cleaning industry.

This would be something that would ideally incorporate finance, contract management and possibly stock and marketing.

I know these beasts exist and I am aware of the cost implications, however not finding them easy to track down.

Any feedback from anyone with either knowledge or experience of any program would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks

Posted by Fox (Fox), 18 October 2003
I would recommend you use your own spread sheet for stock control.  this may take a little time setting up but it will carry over the formula when you have set it up making life easier.

If you are using an accounts package this should have all of your financial info on it. Personally I do not favour programs geared to the commecial cleaning business as each business is unique as to how it is run.

To lessen expense it is good to use what you have eg: word, Access, Excel, Outlook. I feel that you should keep your own records and operate to your standards not one that someone else has written - even if their system makes life easier!

Anyone out there using a system (other than accounting) that they feel they can't live without?
Posted by DP (DP), 19 October 2003
I would agree with you about the costs which are seriously significant when it comes to these mega programs.

My problem is time and hence my needs, although I also realise that learning a new program can take just as long if not longer.

Since my last post I have been looking at Sage and whilst prominently know for accounts, they seem to have an endless array of modules to fit almost type of company in respect of management, product and service which would fit the bill albeit at a huge cost.

The commitment would be very large, so I would still like to explore other options if I can find them, although I do take on your points using MS Office applications.

Many Thanks

Posted by petra (petra), 23 October 2003
I have used sage and found it to be a real pain in the but, manual accounting is just as easy and i think less time consuming, I was thinking of trying TAS it is made by sage, but it is ment to be very simple. I do use sage for invoicing though.
Posted by DP (DP), 23 October 2003
I do agree that most of what I am looking for can be generated through MS Office, although I would still need another accounts package. I know a couple of companies using TAS who really rate it. I did look at this a few years back (5 I think) at that time Sage didnít own it and it didnít have other components, still not sure if it does now.

My purpose is a system for others to use, i.e. an environment that will bond all the elements together as a system, so that employee's can input and access as required including limitations where necessary.

Posted by petra (petra), 24 October 2003
Im just about to purchase clean quote 1, designed to take the stress out of quotations  and this also gives you a job spec. But will let you know how it goes, did look at getting clean quote to etc, but the cost was too large for me.

Posted by DP (DP), 24 October 2003
I had a look at that but the site expo link is void of any real detail, however I have made the enquirery, hope they come back with some costs etc. guess you had to do the same.

Posted by petra (petra), 24 October 2003
I have a couple of bits they emailed me, if you want I can email them too you, the only trouble is the cost of some of it.
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 25 October 2003

where can i find any info on this clean quote 1?

any help would be great


Posted by petra (petra), 26 October 2003
Posted by DP (DP), 27 October 2003
I have spoken to a John Stuart today at expolink who has stated that if  anyone has any problems getting info they can contact him direct on 0870 1215253.

John also promised a return email straight away, which I still havent had yet  Huh
Posted by petra (petra), 27 October 2003
Have emailed you what thye sent me
Posted by DP (DP), 27 October 2003
Many thanks Petra
Posted by petra (petra), 29 October 2003
still waiting for my software............will keep u all informed

Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
what is a matter with peeps these days good old fashion paper and pen never hurt anyone.
why throw good hard earned money at the rich boys
when we need it more.
thats why they are in multi million £ companys .
charging £3000 for a cd that costs 10p what a liberty thats what i say.
Posted by DP (DP), 29 October 2003
Your right what on earth was I thinking, I dont really need to pay that much for flashy coasters, I could get cheaper one's, who would know.

Thanks Mr Sheen

Your Great  Grin
Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
nice one DP
they are a rip off if they put the price down they would sell more and as we all know sell more make more .
mr Sheen
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 30 October 2003
Hi guys, I've used both CleanQuote 1 and 2 in the past. In my opinion they are a little overrated, just Exel spreadsheets that have had a few hours work put in.

If you are just intending to use the system for costing only you would be better off working out your own spreadsheet (Exel is a breeze).

If you intend to use the system for inputting measurements and productivity levels they are useful for working on larger sites (say 10 cleaners upwards) but are you guys really aiming for that market on a regular basis?

The major players tend to use CleanQuote (even on single cleaner contracts - perhaps surveying is a dying art) but the productivity levels that are applied are subjective, and all cleaners do not work to the same perormance levels.

On a personal level 'eyeballing' is the best way of establishing how many hours are needed. The line "Well the computer says you should be able to do it in the time available." does not go down too well with the person responsible for the running of the contract.


Posted by petra (petra), 30 October 2003
Very good point, have you has any experience of any other software like this, your advice is very helpfull

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