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Insurance Work

Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 6 April 2004
Hi Chaps,
I did some carpet cleaning for a builder and he asked me if i did some drying out work for insurance companys etc....

We have only done some for local estate agents (2 in the last 2 years).

There are 3 c*** dry franchisees in this area 1rain** Int and 1 service mas**** all doing this type of work, also one company that used to be a chem*** that has a 5m contract with direct L***

Now to the Question?
Is insurance work worth the wait on the money, are thier any none franchised CC doing insurance work is it worth it ?
Is the proclean thing worth it ?
Is it worth getting work with a builder so that you do the drying and he does the rebuilding work?

Or should i just start a whole new company doing it all?

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Regards Barry
Posted by adl (dave555), 7 April 2004
We do a bit on that side, yes it is worth the money but only if you can afford to sit and wait for it, the loss adjusters are your first source when starting out, the only problem you have with getting paid is, how good the loss adjuster is, as, you put you invoice into him, he processes it, sends his bill into the insurance company, and then waits to get paid before he pays you. all in all it can take 3 months to get paid, however the way you have to look at it is, if you can get 1 job a month, every month, after 3 months you will have a cheque coming in every month once thats steady then you can build to more work, but unless you have a large source of residual cash spare then dont use this as your only source of income.
Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 7 April 2004
Hi Barry

Go and look at a typical flood restoration depot, most of the year they are dry storing property awaiting insurance assessors final judgement,  I was offered the Norwich Union insurance work with another company a couple of years ago valued at aprox 4m, when we worked out costs etc and the waiting time, fees etc it wasn't worth doing, plus it needs to take first shout over your normal work, you could end up with a pile of equipment and staff sitting idle much of the time.

Best regards Nick Undecided Undecided Undecided
Posted by Keith_Robertson (Keith_Robertson), 7 April 2004
Hi Barry,

As you know I am about 20 miles from you.   I have been carrying out insurance work for the last 20 years.
In our area nearly all work is going to one or other of the franchises or national operators like Munters or Belfor Realtronics.   There are now far fewer loss adjustors and for much of the time there hands are tied.  I only to a fraction of the work I used to do which is why I built-up up other areas of the business and why I am going to sand and finish a floor on your behalf.

Most of the prices now negotiated by the franchises are quite a bit less than most of us charged several years ago.  


Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 7 April 2004
Thanks for that.

Got that delivery nick.

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