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Advice please

Posted by Emin (Emin), 3 February 2004
Hello everyone.

This is my second post to the forum. Since my last post (a week ago) i have made my mind up (with your help) to purchase the Prochem steampro 2000 [Powermax] machine. In fact i am going to order it today from my local dealer, then book a course with Prochem.

So as you can probibly gather i am new to the business. Therefore, could you please comment on my choice of machine and also help me out on what sort of chemicals (Prochem chemicals) i will need to pick up from my local dealer when i purchase the machine. I have some idea on the chemicals but please give me a list of basic or elementary startup chemicals that i will need.

Thank you very much  Smiley
Posted by Phil_@_Deep_Clean (Phil_@_Deep_Clean), 3 February 2004


I cannot comment on your choice of machine as I have never owned or seen it work.

As for chemicals, all this will become clearer at the Prochem Training course, but as a guide if you insist on Prochem only.

Traffic Lane pre-spray maybe Multi-Pro or Traffic Lane Gold for Wool, followed by Fibre & Fabric Rinse in the tank, for badly soiled carpets maybe Crystal Green/Double clean in the tank.
Solvall spotter, Stain Pro, Citrus Gell. for any stain removal, all depends on the stain you want to remove.

But as I say you will learn all these things on the course, some jobs may require different methods.


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