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Bankruptcy and the FED

Posted by ng (ng), 10 January 2004
I posted this earlier but got no response so thought I would try again

I received my application to join the Fed but I am a little confused!
Can someone please tell me why the NFMWGC would need to know if I have
ever been declared Bankrupt or the subject of any bankruptcy proceedings.
As it happens I have been Bankrupt. It is not something I am ashamed off nor is it something which I try to hide.
It happened when the company I was doing business with changed its policies and I was left with nowhere to run.
I fully understood when my mortgage lender needed to know my details but why on earth does the NFMWGC
Does the Fed intend to lend me some money? Or perhaps ask all members to take turns in running the accounts? Or maybe the Fed wants to try to protect the industry from unsavoury low life crooks?

Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 10 January 2004
The fed think they the FBI but dont stand for bad publicity on here................................
you have been warned   Grin Grin Grin
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 10 January 2004

This could be an interesting topic depending on how other members view your question.

You said 'maybe the Fed wants to try to protect the industry from unsavoury low life crooks' - I would hope that thats exactly what they want to do! However, you implied that this is determined by whether or not you have been made bankrupt or not.

For the benefit of others that may not have seen a Federation application form they actually ask:

Do you have liability insurance?
Do you have personal accident insurance?
Have you been declared bankrupt? (If yes give details)
Have you been convicted of a criminal offence? (If yes give details)
Have your employees recieved adequate health and safety training?
Number of years experience in the industry?
Your qualifications and training?
and References.

It would seem to me that they 'score' the applications to determine overall suitability for membership. The fact that they ask for bankruptcy details would suggest that membership may not be determined on this question alone.

Maybe you should send the application form in with the details as requested and then question it if you do get refused (assuming you do have insurance, you can get references and you don't have a list of convictions as long as your arm that is Wink)


Mike Boxall

Posted by ng (ng), 11 January 2004
Thank you for your reply Mike
I Appreciate the reasons behind the questions and I agree that a certain amount of Vetting is called for.
Proper Insurance is a Must (yes I do have it)
And a criminal record should also be frowned upon (I dont have one of these!)
However I can see no purpose for knowing if someone has been bankrupt or not
Bankruptcy is not an easy option and in most cases destroys someones life and those around them. It is not something I would wish to go into again and I am sure most bankrupts feel the same.
Sure there are those that have been Bankrupt more than once and for those on the outside it would appear to be for not so honourable reasons but maybe it was just bad luck
I was very fortunate that I have good friends and family who helped me through a difficult time.
Trust me! if I were thinking of becoming a serial Bankrupt this would not be my first choice of professions!
I love this job and have built up a lot of trust with my customers many of which know my history so I was disappointed to see that the FED obviously views Bankruptcy in a poor light.
I am sure the FED does a great job and yes I will most likely still go ahead with my application even if it does start out on a sour note.

My parting sentence was only meant to be tongue in cheek but thanks for the warning! Its nice to see that members of this forum look out for each other.

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 11 January 2004
I used to work for a firm of accountants, where we dealt with many bankruptcies.

Bankruptcy can happen to an individual for all sorts of reasons beyond their control.  A bad debt for instance, or a change in the market (eg farmers), divorce, serious injury.  

It is certainly NOT an indication of anyone's character, and according to my understanding it is an offense to discriminate against anyone on this basis.

For the three years the bankruptcy stands, the bankrupt must disclose his/her status as bankrupt to anyone from whom they borrow money.  After the bankruptcy is discharged, it is finished with, and no obligation to disclose exists thereafter.

Of course, the Fed and anyone else can ask, but the bankrupt has no duty to disclose anything except where money is being loned, and after the discharge-not even then.

Posted by Neil (wylie), 11 January 2004
Instead of asking Have you ever been Bankrupt?
Maybe the Fed would be better asking Are you on the Dole? as this seems to be more relavent.
The rip off merchants do more harm to our reputation than anyone unfortunate enough to have had to suffer bankruptcy.

Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 11 January 2004
Well Said - Id sooner have a bancrupt person around my house instead of a  smack head anytime.  To be in this trade I believe you need to be of sound character not a junkie.


Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 12 January 2004
WinkHi Guys, the questions that are asked when joining
federation are asked to all,please do not take this on a
personal basis even I am in the same boat as you all! Wink
they are just trying to project a good pro image, Wink
Posted by ng (ng), 12 January 2004
Hi Terry
I think trying to promote a professional image is a good thing I try to do the same for my business.
Does that then mean that if an applicant does not have insurance or has a criminal record or no health and safety training then it will go against him/her and there application has the chance of being refused?
If so then the fact that I have been Bankrupt will go against me also?
Perhaps you could explain what the Feds view on Bankrupts is and why they choose to mark them down when applying

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