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ADVERT Regional Distributor Franchise

Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 15 September 2003
See our advert at under Business /
Franchises. Hydrotech UK (equipment) Ltd. This is a limited opportunity that will earn you a substantial income in your first year alone.
Posted by woodman (woodman), 15 September 2003
Hi Derek W,

One or two questions if don't mind regarding the distributors licence.

14000 is that plus vat or inclusive.
Is there an earnings guarantee, you mention substantial income in the first year. Any one can pluck any figure out of the air.
Can you back up such claims with documented evidence
Are you members or is membership pending of the British Franchise Association
Are there any monthly fees
How many distributors are you looking for in any one place.
Post as much info as possible please.
Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 16 September 2003
Hello Woodman, I have pasted below details from our advert.  We are only taking on 10 franchisees for the UK as this is a fantastic opportunity and we don't need more than 10.  We have been in the business for over 20 years and we can supply documented business plans and evidence of earnings if required.  The fee is plus vat, but there are no other fees payable.  You can lease the equipment if you wish instead of paying the full amount up front.  Please call us if you need more info, Regards, Derek W.
 REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR FRANCHISE A real business that can generate a substantial income of 60,000 plus in your first year. If you want : A business that is supported by free national press enquiries : A business where you will receive full training, initial and on-going back up : A business which includes all equipment, business stationary and corporate clothing worth over 8,000 : A business you can operate from home with flexible hours in a secure franchised area : A business you can build into a saleable asset, then the Hydrotech UK regional distributor franchise is the business for you ! We manufacture a unique hard surface cleaning system : The market place is quite simply enormous : You demonstrate the system to the customers, and we do the rest ! Franchise Fee 14,000 plus VAT (Includes 8,000 value equipment). If you are seriously looking for a real business opportunity then telephone now on 01625 820418 for a detailed information pack. Only TEN regional distributor franchises available.

Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 16 September 2003
Sorry Forum Admin, we didn't mean to cause any concern or flout your rules, please accept our apologies.
Any future any details will carry the word  'Advert' beforehand.  Kind Regards, Derek W.  Hydrotech UK (equipment) Ltd.  
Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 19 September 2003

Check out our Website for a superb opportunity to run your own business and make money now !


Derek W.

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