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end of contract machines for sale

Posted by martin (martin), 14 August 2003
i have a selection of scrubber dryers and rotaries polishers/buffers no longer in use, anyone interested give me a call
07798 573888
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 14 August 2003
Hi Martin
Is it possible to list the makes and models of some of the equipment you have, together with an idea of what sort of money you are looking for?
I'm sure you'll get a better response once people know they are reasonably priced (assuming they are, of course Grin )
Posted by Sparkle_n_Shine (Sparkle_n_Shine), 12 September 2003
Hi Mrtin dou you have a price list that you can send to us, My brother and I are just in the process of pricing equipment ready for our new venture into contract cleaning.  Hope you can help.  


Paul & Trevor
Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 12 September 2003
I have just bought 2 machines from Martin (great guy!), both in very good condition and well worth the money.
2 Victor rotary machines, slow and high speed, you cant go wrong at this price.
Just done a job on one floor and has paid for both machines,
what more can I say! John Smiley
Posted by crown (crown), 17 September 2003
Hello Martin,

Only just found your message & am interested in anything that you might have left for sale.  Have you got anything left?  Please send me a list with details and prices

With thanks

Posted by wrightclean (wrightclean), 25 March 2004

    Do you still have a scrubber dryer for sale and was wondering how old it is and your location.  I am in Plymouth but am interested in your product, depending on the age and condition and obviously the cost.  Please reply soon as I have the offer of 2 others thank you.

Paul Wright

Have you had the "Wright Clean"

Tel/Fax 01752 31 30 31

Mob     07929 168277

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