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grant aid for small buisness start up

Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 8 January 2004
Has anybody had a small buisness start up grant to start a window cleaning buisness.
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 8 January 2004
I have heard of a few start up grants being available, but you only get them in run-down areas of the country.  (Eg NE england, parts of wales, liverpool etc)

To qualify you have to submit a properly prepared business plan, cashflow forecasts etc.  

From what I've seen, the cash available is not great, you'd be lucky to get 300 in maybe 8 installments.  Also, you have to show that you've used the money to boost your business.

Its ridiculous really, especially because you are creating a job for yourself from nowhere, and possibly for others too.  The government should bend over backwards to help, but they don't.

Maybe too many people abuse a grant system.

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 8 January 2004
Where I live in the run down north  you could get a 1000 grant from a firm called Lawtec, you have it piad at 50 per week .As long as you have been out of work for at least 6 months.
You have to do a Business plan , show how you will get your customers, its a pain they want to know everything , not wotrth the hassel Cool
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 8 January 2004
I agree with Majestic. I looked into years ago when I first started but never bothered. As well as what `s already been mentioned you had to do certain courses like book keeping and they check up on you during this period. It just seemed more trouble than it was worth.

   This was a long time ago and it may have changed since but I think it was about a grand you got way back then.

 Run down areas Philly?  Shocked

Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 8 January 2004
thanks for the info so far as I live in Wales I might get funding under objective one funding for rural area's also as I am over 50 I might get some sort of funding from the welsh development agency
will keep you posted of any fiancial help CHEER'S
Posted by crystal (crystal), 8 January 2004
[taffy where do you live in wales ? i started up 2 months ago & could not get funding im in north wales by the way. however  what i did get thro the wda was free advice up to 10 hours pre start & the same post start this has helped particulary with the accounts as im doing my own books in some ways this is more valuable than cash approach your local county council for more details Grin Grin Grinhope this is of help, all the best to you mate

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 9 January 2004

It is well worth looking around as sometimes there is often more money than you think! Try contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and / or Business Link. Even if you're not a member they'll tell you if there is funding about.

There has been a lot of money for 'Diversification' particularly in the Midlands recently. They were offering a 50% subsidy of up to 15,000 for eligible companies - I would guess that if you were a window cleaner wanting to get into carpet cleaning or contract cleaning then you would qualify. It was funded by Advantage West Midlands for those that want to look into it although I dont know how much funding is left (if any).

There must be something similar to what was the Enterprise Allowance Scheme a few years ago. At the time (12 years ago) if you put 1000 into a new business they would match it and give you 30 a week for six months - it all helps! (It got me started!!)

Good luck!

Mike Boxall

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 9 January 2004
Apologies for any offense caused by calling areas "rundown".  When we started window cleaning, we went to Business Link, and those were the man's words not mine.  

He told us we had practically no chance at all of getting any form of grant.  Especially since we hadnt been unemployed for a million years.(?)

It was an absolute waste of time.

Posted by paul (paul), 9 January 2004
Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 9 January 2004
Thank you all for answering if anybody knows please post in this colum Smiley
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 9 January 2004
I like the sound of the 5000 grant , is it straight forward to get one or is it just loads of red tape, Has anyone had the 5000 grant Cool
Posted by Neil (wylie), 9 January 2004
I like the sound of a 5ooo grant as well  Wink
Do you think they would mind me spending it on a holiday in the sun Huh Tongue Grin
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 9 January 2004
Hi chaps,

to qualify for a grant you need:

1) A good business plan

2) your maximum grant you will get is 800.00

3) you need to focus your plan more on trade rather   than the retail sector as the chamber are reluctant to offer grants to businesses serving retail custom.

4) You need to produce receipts for what capital you have invested yourself into the business - they wont give you more than 800.00 0r 40% of your outlay and you need receipts!! ie to get 800.00 you need to invest a minimum of 1500 for argument sake.

5) Window cleaning needs to be the main full time occupation which shows commitment by yourself

I am not being negative but these are the facts and they pay it in two halves too if you are successful - one half in the beginning and the second half when you reach your target in the three month forecast of your plan so be honest in your plan.

One of my businesses got a 800.00 grant and is a member of the Chamber Of Commerce so if I can advise you I will.

Another alternative is the Princes Trust if you are young enough - you need to be under 30 I think but again they will want a business plan and also you can get both depending how viable your business looks and also the Princes Trust may offer you a loan at a very discounted rate (cheapest you will ever borrow money)

Make me fell good and tell me how valuble my comments are.



Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 9 January 2004
WRIGHTY do you know if you get anything for beign over 50 I heard that there is a 50+ start up scheme for new buisness Undecided
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 9 January 2004

Thats right ther is and the reason I know this is because it was an issue on a seminar that I was on.  If I was you I would contact you local Chamber Of Commerce on Monday.  I am not too sure if it has an unemployment duration on it ie out of work for six months.  I would also reccommend becoming a member of your local Chamber as they have various events and networking which is very useful and as a business for example you would give a 10% discount on cleaning someones windows who is s member of the chamber - as I say the networking oppertunities are good and It may help with the commercial contracts for yourself and it will also show that you are not a cowboy when you canvass for new custom.  I havent bought my window cleaning round yet but I can give ou advice on business, Chamber issues, sales/marketing & getting new business but as far as the job itself is concerned I now a little and I find it a very exciting and profitable industry I mean I am selling my Limousine Business and hopefully build a very good and profitable business in the window cleaning sector as well as run my other business.  I went out on Thursday and found it great to do the work so I will be grafting even when I buy the round aswell as growing it and getting one or two people to work for me.

Sorry I cant tell you anymore about the over 50 grant but let me know how you go on.

Best of luck

Posted by taffy_2 (taffy_2), 24 January 2004
Cheesybeen to see the grant officer and this is what we disscused .To get a WFP system you would not get it under new buisness start up because it is mobile BUT it may come under new technology or better still enviromently friendly to the enviroment there is a grant for this up to 50% will keep you updated in this Wink
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 24 January 2004
Good luckTaffy and I will keep a look out

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