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cleaning windows help

Posted by claire (claire), 19 August 2003
I had a plaster do some work on the outside of my house last week, and he has got plaster all over my new french windows.  He is coming back next to finish but in the mean time I would like to clean the windows.

I have tried a few thing but the plaster is not coming off. Does anyone have any ideas as to how tro get this off without marking the glass.

Posted by bjc27 (bjc27), 19 August 2003
have you tried just using the edge of a razor blade - it normally does not leave any marks if done carefully.

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 19 August 2003
plenty of water and a good razor scraper not a stanley blade one it will scratch. wte the window do a bit of scraping wash again repeat till the plaster has gone squegee of and detail the edges

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