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which power brush

Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 14 March 2004
I've had an Extracta "Scrubba Deluxe" power brush for 7 years. I want to get a different one. Anyone recommend a good rotary power brush, preferably lighter than the one I've been using. I've seen Ashby's 2 brushes, they seem ok.   eg their "lightweight"   and their "metal".      Or should I stick with the Extracta one that I've got?    Or is there a good value power brush out there somewhere else?      
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 14 March 2004

If your extracta one still works stick with that.

I have one and god knows how old it is but it still does a good job and goes on forever.


Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 14 March 2004
ok thanks       I may do     not sure
Posted by mark_roberts (mark_roberts), 15 March 2004
I've got the smaller Ashbys powerbrush.  Its not metal but plastic but very durable and very light.  Its in perfect condition and would consider selling it for silly money if you want it.

Mark Roberts
Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 15 March 2004
how much you asking?    Whats it like to work with and why you selling it?
Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 15 March 2004
Stick with the Scrubba De Luxe. unless you get a real bargain somewhere else. I have a Scrubba and a Rotabrush. The Scrubba is by far the best.

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