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What's the best vaccum cleaner to buy ??

Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 4 November 2003
up to now in domestic propertys we have used the clients on vaccums, but i am now in a position to buy my own †Grin and its probably a good thing because not every client has a great vaccum !!
question is what do i buy ??
somebody has reccommended a sebo model to me, what do you all think ? Huh
someone else reccomended a dyson but in my personal experience i dont rate them against their cost !!
any advice gratefully recieved
Posted by goodhand (goodhand), 4 November 2003
hi ,
my personel favorite is the reliable old 'Henry'
hoover. The diaphragm filter is easy to keep clean, therfore minimising breakdowns. And they keep great suction where as other hoovers loose theres.
but the choice is yours. p.s i wouldn't advise Karcher, or earlex. there cheap an nasty! <my opinion
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 4 November 2003
Sebo., or Mr Henry
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 4 November 2003
Hi Donna
Upright vacuum cleaners are certainly more effective but are generally heavier and more awkward to move around from job to job. Henry's are the most popular tub vac but I suspect thats down to the fact that they are considerably cheaper than an upright and if you have to buy lots of them then cost is a significant influence.
Although Henrys come with an extensive accessory kit, and the argument is that they are more versatile, theres nowhere to store the tools so they invariably get lost!
It all boils down to personal preference really Huh
Posted by Perry_White (Perry_White), 6 November 2003
Use uprights twin motor vacs for larger areas of uncluttered carpet - Nilco
are good - for other areas any glow=red,2,300]Numatic [/glow]commercial tub vac. These can be had with twin motors for monster vac power and some models come with electric trurbo brushes - you get the capacity of a tub vac with the cleaning power of an upright - has to be good!
Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 6 November 2003
I use Karcher and Lindhuase uprite vacs, both twin motor.
If you need good results a commercial twin motor vac is best.
Posted by deep_clean (deep clean), 7 November 2003
We have used Taski Bora 12 (tub vacs) for the past 2 years we have around 25 they cost £105 + Vat and have proved too be very reliable (I even use one at home) and more importantly our domesticís like them they are quiet, powerful, have a large capacity and have a long cable(very important)
For larger areas we use Nilfisk 350A upright vacs cost £285+vat this is possibly the best upright I have ever used.

Posted by petra (petra), 7 November 2003
ok on commercials we use numatic's and Dyson contramax and dommestic we use  dyson cylinders...but it does depend on who is using them numatic are good general alrounder

Posted by RGK (RGK), 9 November 2003
Go for a Lindhaus from RGK @ £199.00 + vat. Go on, go on, aah go on now!
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 9 November 2003
After 2 weeks of reading all materials i can get my hands on i gone buy SEBO BS36 TWIN MOTOR FOR 233.36£ Grin Grin

AtoZ Clean
Posted by (, 11 November 2003
In my school which is fully carpeted, which means the machines we use need to be reliable, light (as most of our cleaners are getting on a bit) and quick and easy to change bags etc, I have found 2 to be the best. Taski Baby Boro are a fine machine and my personal favourite, but the good ol'd Henry's come a close second. Although I find the Henry a bit on the noisy side (something you may need to think about in customers homes maybe).
Posted by GSLMETOFFICE (GSLMETOFFICE), 20 November 2003
Hi! for tub vacuums I'd recommend a victor V9, cheaper, quieter and just as efficient as a henry! available from Dowding and Plummer.  Cheesy
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 21 November 2003
We're selling many more of the Numatic James machines now - they have a clever 'caddy' type top for storing dusters, polish and other bits and pieces. They have the same motor as the Henry and are cheaper (from £69.00+vat)

More info here:


Mike Boxall
Posted by julieg (julieg), 24 November 2003
i have a dyson dco8 animal and although the reviews are good,  its been a real let down, suction decreased, filter which supposedly needs changing approx every six months needs changing 2/3 weeks, disappointed but could have a dud model, engineer coming to check it out.      
Posted by heritage (heritage lee), 24 November 2003

Posted by NSCleaning (NSCleaning), 27 November 2003
Hi everyone,

Keep trying to contribute to the site as I believe you get out what you put in.

As a carpet cleaner I have the ultimate machine - a numatic turbo brush on the end of a twin 3 stage vac carpet HW extraction machine - the sort of thing that sends dysons running for cover...  

I use this for 2 reasons, it means I don't have to carry round a seperate vac when I am carpet cleaning, also i am a fan of the turbo brush system.  They are longer lasting and much easier to take apart than an electric head.  

I advise, for domestic work, a small numatic plus a turbo head which you should be able to get for well under £150.  The standard kit that comes with a henry won't pick up hairs.

Stay well clear of dysons.  The DC07 is a great vac new, but anyone with any experience in the cleaning business will tell you that dyson quickly lose power.  They are also heavy and unwieldy in small rooms, and useless for stairs.  I don't know why so many people buy them.

Amongst the "rugsuckers" the Sebo reigns supreme.  Once you have used one of these you will understand why.  There are two versions, one is a bit more powerful but I can thoroughly recommend the cheaper one.    

If you have £5-600 to spare, you could buy a numatic CT-570 which is a vac/extraction machine.  It has the all important twin vac motors which make it an awesome dry vaccing tool, and it means you can have a stab at carpet cleaning too.    

I have no experience of nilfisk but again in carpet cleaning circles I have heard good things about them.

Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 28 November 2003
Me again.
Ok i have sebo bs36 and i just done jobe with him.100m2 flat after builder, dust , dust and more dust.

I thin this vaccum is a super maschine, good suction,  good balance- try to use accesories on extension tube with dyson Grin Grin
The brush on head is amazing,4 positions.
Bag is BIG 5 liters.
Only problem i think is cheap double wall bags!!!
But you can get proper 3 wall bags as well.
AtoZ Clean

Posted by petra (petra), 2 December 2003
Well its not the size that matter but the performance in my opion anyway...
Grin Grin
Posted by Fox (Fox), 2 December 2003
Defo agree with that Petra! Wink

Still think Henrys are great for commercial.  Have just had some James delivered from express - v good price, same performance as henry just slightly bigger.
Posted by petra (petra), 2 December 2003
Yes I quite fancy a James too, but will have to wait till after christmas now...  Huh
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 13 December 2003
I always take Henry with me but i am finding that as you pull it along the lead wire can easily get tangled in the wheels.

Will be investing in a twin motor shortly but henry is excellent for stairs and can suck an apple through a hosepipe Wink


Martin Cool

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