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Chewing Gum Removal

Posted by Simon_Freer (Simon_Freer), 20 July 2003
I've been using freezer sprays to remove chewing gum from carpets for some time - can anyone recommend an alternative that is not only easier but actually works?
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 20 July 2003
Without doubt the easiest and quickest way is by using a Steam Gun. It is a hand held 'dry' steam cleaner which you fill with water and, once it has heated up, you literally peel the gum from the carpet with the steam. Unlike freezer sprays it doesnt trap the fibres which can get ripped out with with the gum. Once you've removed the bulk of the gum you can use a solvent (like citrus gel) to release the final residue. With a little bit of practice , the process really does remove 100% of the gum and can be used to remove 100's of bits of gum in one go.  
Hope this helps!  Smiley
Posted by Derek (Derek), 2 August 2003
Steam can certainly work on chewing gum especially in commercial situations.

Be sure that you identify the carpet fibres before you go down this route. Steam under pressure can cause irreparable damage to certain carpets e.g. twist pile etc.

Posted by Northerclean (Northerclean), 23 August 2003
Simon, as Derek said be very careful when removing chewing gum, I do this for a living and when I first setup I had to replace a entrance carpet as I burnt spot into it. Ensure the capet isn't rubber backed as you will have the same problem I had a couple of years ago.

Posted by Derek (Derek), 23 August 2003

Have you tried Riddagum?  I saw this demonstrated at this years cleaning show...most impressive

Supplied by Amtech UK down in Brighton (Burgess Hill) obviously I would think they have local distributors in your area

Hope that this helps


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