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hidden treasure!

Posted by goodhand (goodhand), 14 February 2004
as stated before i am a painter and decorator/cleaner/handy man! accountant puts me in the maintenance catogory.

any how i was doing a job the other day which involved painting the front of a converted house (two flats) and then washing the windows afterwads, whilst doing this the old aldy from the flat a bove invited me in to take a look at her sons room, whom had left home some twenty years ago.
also she wanted was the a couple of coats of emulsion to fresen the place up.
i agreed for a  small price
whilst moving the single bed out of the tiny room, i came across some lose change and a pornographic magazine,  i  hid the magazine.
i then gathered the change and handed it to the old ladywho was making coffee. she said thanks 2that must be from my son, he doesnt leave much behind" i replied "you'd be suprised"
i thought it best to dispose of the magazine rather than replacing it.  to avoid embaressment.

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 15 February 2004
hehe, I moved a bed once and came across a couple of toys, I moved the bed back and then asked the lady if she wanted me to clean under the bed, I was told not to worry about under the bed. Grin

Posted by cleaningbloke (cleaningbloke), 15 February 2004
I once found a harcore porn mag under a cushion on a bedroom chair I was cleaning.  when I'd finished the job, (the cleaning!!)  Tongue I put it back exactly where I'd found it.  In case I was accused of nicking it.

When the lady inspected the chair she found the mag and accused me of leaving it there and wanted to know what kind of disgusting acts I had been up to in her house.  I think I would rather have been accused of theft!
Posted by goodhand (goodhand), 15 February 2004
its a hard situation i was in two minds but was sure the old lady wasn't aware it was there.
unlukcky you getting the blame for leaving it there, guess she didn't ask you back!
Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 15 February 2004
We went to clean some carpets for a nice lady who had recently been divorced. She had the house redecorated and said she wanted to clean any signs of her ex hubby out of the house!

We found several porno mags under the bed Shocked when pushed back to clean!

I carefully put them back in the same position without saying a word Smiley

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 16 February 2004
Some years ago when i was a bobby i had to go and do a house search as the old man had been locked up for burglary. When we got to the house it was full of kids and dogs as was usual.
Searching through the main bedroom, with a full compliment of kids in tow. I lifted the matress off the bed, underneath was the biggest vibrator i have ever seen. The kids pounced on it in a thrice and were hitting each other with it etc. Then one found the on off switch and to his great amusement used it as a Star Wars light sabre, pretending to be Darth Vader, complete with humming sword stick. The Mum was horrified when she saw what was happening, still i guess it came in handy as the husband got a couple of years for his nocturnal burgling.

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