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Cast Iron Bath

Posted by Fox (Fox), 18 October 2003
I am not new to cleaning business by no means but am having probs at home cleaning my cast iron bath - it's not quite ready for a new coat - I have tried steam cleaning, and all normal products, any advice?
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 19 October 2003
You say that you are having problems cleaning cast iron bath.
can i ask when you say clean are you trying to remove tide mark ? limescale? and what products have you tried.
Posted by Fox (Fox), 20 October 2003
Two probs really, one, tide mark where kids use bath and don't empty the water straight away and two, I have a shower above which is used constantly, so there are marks where it is stood in!!!! (no limescale)
I haven't tried anything particularly heavy duty as I haven't had experience with this type of surface so just the normal products, bleach spray etc, have not tried anything abrasive.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 22 October 2003
Have you tried a paste with silica in there are several on the market.
But use with extreme care if not careful can do damage!!
The best way to apply is by putting about 3inch deep of warm water in the bath,use a cloth only ,keep wet add paste to cloth and rub on the bath in sections,do not apply to much pressure let the paste do the work.
Depending how dirty bath is task can take  hours do not be tempted to use scouring pads.
Good luck,
Posted by Fox (Fox), 22 October 2003
Hi Catrodney
Thanks for advice - shouldn't take hours (hopefully) otherwise get one of the cleaners to do it! will keep you updated.

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