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uniforms & ID

Posted by ozge (ozzy), 27 August 2003
I am looking to buy uniforms for the cleaners? where is the best place to get them?

Also some help about how to get the ID cards for the staff?  thanks
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 27 August 2003
Hi Ozzy
Try contacting Simon Clarke at Careerwear in Kidderminster on 01562 750600
They do work for lots of our customers and I can highly recommended them.
Not sure about the ID cards but maybe Simon can help!
Posted by Derek (Derek), 28 August 2003
There's also Alexandra's the workwear people... They have been around a long time.


Posted by noracarlin (noracarlin), 2 October 2003
for ID badges you can make your own - either get a laminator or a pack of plastic pin on badges from your local stationers. design and print your own!

nora carlin

Arleys Angels
Posted by petra (petra), 5 October 2003
We found that pin badges break easily, try the badge holders with the clip on. Make your badge on PC. You can get them from Vikings

Posted by arc_cleaning (arc_cleaning), 6 October 2003
hi ozzy
im in contract cleaning & decorating it was a big poblem for me i made my own motive on computer, then i tryed some of the companys, but it cost two much. try this i did it works for me. go to a cheap cloths shop and look for cheapest polo shirts i got mine from premart, 2 for a fiver good quality, then go to your local school and find out who does there uniforms it usualy a local lady try them. i whent into a small diy shop local and ask the staff who did there uniforms it was a local lady got her number and bob your uncle.

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