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karcher puzzi 100

Posted by petra (petra), 13 December 2003
Could u experienced guys and gals give me your opinion on this machine. As all research i have done has come back positve.
Posted by jpc (jpc), 13 December 2003
Depends what you want to use it for.
Ive 3 puzzi's that we use as hire machines and they
never let us down except for poor solution line connectors (they leak)which we have to swap every few months.

But this is possibly caused by the customer using to hotter water in the machine (swelling the connector & seals )

but other than that slight problem they give us great service and are liked by the customer easy to use.

Also great as spotting machine ,but if you want a machine to clean carpets as a living then buy something with lots more power.

hope this is of help to you

Posted by petra (petra), 13 December 2003
We want it to do our own car, and the odd carpet for a letting agent , not much more then that for now...
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 13 December 2003
I'd go with jpc on this one Petra. I used to run a couple of the early Karcher Puzzi's and found them excellent for spotting, small single room jobs which weren't too challenging, and for the hire market. Ideal for car valeting too. I don't know if the design has changed, but the recovery tank lid on some models had a small rubber 'O' ring which was easily damaged. Don't use the waste water bucket to carry clean water from the tap, get a seperate bucket.

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by RGK (RGK), 21 December 2003
..and you can get from @ only 299 + vat!

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