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products for cleaning vinyl

Posted by puzzle101 (puzzle101), 8 November 2003
i really need some suggestions i need a product to clean vinyl dolls heads to remove things like pen, paint, glue & scuff marks and similar pen marks are the worst to get of. in the states they do a product called goof off do they sell that in the uk?
Or could any body suggest a alternativei know its a strange request but i can try.
the dolls i restore are cabbage patch kids yes those dolls from the 80's.
thanks in advance
mandy Smiley
Posted by DP (DP), 8 November 2003
I know just the person who "owns a company" and should be here any moment, I also hear that he might be giving away some free samples † Wink

However in the mean time, what have you tried already if anything? Have you tried alcohol,  i.e. the clear liquid you use to clean CD's etc. If you havenít, try a dab in a hidden place first to make sure it wonít dissolve the vinyl.
Posted by puzzle101 (puzzle101), 8 November 2003
thanks for help so far
i have tried armourall car cleaning product, nail varnish remover, cream cleaner, orange cleaner,turps.
they work on some but not many its mainly biro and felt tip i have a problem getting out.
i read about this guy and his free samples i wouldnt hold your breath!!
thanks for now
mandy Wink
Posted by DP (DP), 8 November 2003
You got me going on this one so went and found an old doll my wife had from when she was a kid, similar material, which oddly had both biro and felt tip on it.

I tried about 15 products on it including some serious caustics and spirits which should of eat it.

I really see your problem, nothing worked, it seems that the biro and felt tip have etched their way into the material by absorption, with nothing to loose I started to "wet n dry" the material with 1200 and then 600 grit to see how deep it went. Although I took off a number of fine layers, it was still there.

For me there wasnít anything I could do, however have you ever managed to get this to even fade slightly with anything?

No Im not really a doll scrubber, I  just can stand being beaten by anything.   Wink

Posted by puzzle101 (puzzle101), 8 November 2003
bless you for trying "oxy 10" spot cream can work well with vinyl marks i have managed to fade a few this way you smear it over the mark and leave in direct sunlight for a few days keep reapplying  the spot cream and you should see the mark start to fade works great on all sorts of plastic and vinyl but the draw back is has to be left in direct sunlight for often a few days. i
thanks so much for help
Posted by Dawn_at_Clean_I.T. (Dawn_at_Clean_I.T.), 8 November 2003
Zoflora disinfectant is worth a try!

I use it neat to remove ink from plastic disolves the ink to nothing!

Test it first though as I can not guarantee the effect it may have on the vinyl!!
Posted by puzzle101 (puzzle101), 8 November 2003
i have that in the cupboard to
will give it a try

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