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Desperate for advice

Posted by Claire_Bennett (Claire_Bennett), 23 September 2003
Still trying to work out what Ins cover Im going to need.

Im planning to offer domestic cleaning into private houses and will be looking to 'employ' 5 or so cleaners when (and if) the business expands. I know that I need public liability ins and have recived quotes for this (although with 250 excess - can anyone get better than this ie lower?)

But will I need Employers Liability Ins, one guy I spoke to said that I wouldn't as technically speaking, the client is employing the cleaner (and paying them) - not me. But another person I spoke to said I would need this Insurance (he was trying to sell me some!) as I was the one finding work for the cleaner and was therefore their 'employer'

which one was correct?  Huh Huh Huh

can anyone recommened an Insurance company?


Claire Bennett
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 23 September 2003
  I think you will need employer liability insurance as well once you start employing others. Their are a few company's out their Darwin Clayton (01892-511144) being one and also it might be worth you joining the NFMWGC to get their cheaper insurance. Cheesy

Hope this helps!

Steve Lowe
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 23 September 2003
Hi Claire,
            I have just seen another telephone number that i have got out of my BICSc cleaning industry handbook. Its Camberford Law on 020-8315-5000.

Hope this helps

Steve Lowe
Posted by Claire_Bennett (Claire_Bennett), 23 September 2003
Thanks Steve, I think I'll give those numbers a try  Smiley

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