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help !!

Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 7 November 2003
right here goes...

i currently do internal cleaning, domestic and commercial, competition in my area isnt massive and up to now we are doing really well, i have begun to look at my options of expansion one of these would be carpet cleaning.
i have never had anything to do with carpets other than walking on them Grin

so i am starting from scratch with my research, i have been reading all of your postings to get me started.

i have gathered that the training courses you are all talking about would be a very good starting point and would be very interested to know more about them please.

i have listened to you all talking about different machines etc...
but what would i need to start up ?
roughly what start up costs am i looking at ?
whats the best solutions etc ?
other than the courses where else can i get information to start helping myself obtain knowledge.
would the enviro dry set up be ok ?
up to now i have only seen male postings !! why is that ?

it would initally be domestic but eventually be expanding commercially.
this at the moment is in research stages and not something i am in a hurry to start until i have all the pros and cons, and revelant information.

sorry its so long
and any help you can give me will be appreciated.
many thanks
donna Grin
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 November 2003
Hi Donna

Contact the National Carpet Cleaners Association

Telephone Number 0116 2719550

They are running a two day Carpet and Upholstery course on the 21st/22nd November 2003 in Leicester

This will answer all your questions ... the NCCA are an independant Trade Association and have nothing to sell except expertise.

When you have been on their courses you will have enough information to enable you to take the next, chemicals etc.

I hope that this helps

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 7 November 2003
I have just done the Prochem courses (carpet and Upholstery) and they were great. Very, very intense but informative.

I would not tackle carpet cleaning without doing a course and now feel confident to do so.

You learn all about fibres, materials, machines etc.

i guess the reason we are all men is the machines weigh a ton especially when full?

Good luck


Martin Cool
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 7 November 2003
Hey Donna, have you considered what a lot of us contract cleaners do? Find a good local carpet cleaner - I'm sure there are plenty who use this site - and sub it out.

This way your client gets a high quality carpet clean, the carpet cleaner gets more work, and you make your margin for the sake of a bit of paperwork and a couple of phone calls.

Most Saturdays I make 200 while spending time with the wife and kids.

On second thoughts maybe I should do the work myself....


Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 7 November 2003
in reply to the musicman,

i did think about subbing the work out but i dont know of anyone close enough to me, and the only carpet cleaner i know around me that has a reasonable reputation (that i have heard of) is not far off of retiring !!

if their is anyone on here that is around Scunthorpe that may be interested then feel free to get in touch and we can talk business.

other than that it will just be something that i will have learn from the beginning, i can always practise on my carpets they are due a good clean !! Grin  
thanks for your help so far
Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 7 November 2003
this site wont let me type my location  Huh

so you will have to put the word together your selves

scun   thorpe.

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 7 November 2003
Hi Donna

It appears that you're taking the right approach to this potential expansion of your business. You will be able to gather a wealth of knowledge from this, and maybe other, bulletin boards, which will guide you in the right direction. There have been quite a few topics and postings recently from people new to the industry.

Certainly I would class training as the number one priority. However, if you have little or no knowledge or experience of our industry, may I suggest that you contact an experienced carpet cleaner and spend some time with him/her on site. You will then get a better feeling and understanding of what's happening. When you then attend your training course, you'll be able to better relate to it rather than letting it pass over your head. (Yes, there is one hell of a lot to learn, it's not rocket science but needs you to concentrate. And you'll get a manual incase anything slips your mind).   I feel sure that if your geography coincides with any Clean It Up members you'll be able to get all the help you need.

As for women in carpet cleaning, I have come across a few. Especially within the residential market, they offer a perceived feeling of security to the prospect/client. Don't worry too much about the weight of equipment. All problems have a solution.

Good luck, and please keep us all informed of your progress.

Safe and happy cleaning Smiley

Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 7 November 2003
thanks ken i will definatley keep you all informed.

i would love to get out and see the carpet cleaning hands on but like i say i dont really know of anyone local enough to me that would show me the ropes properly. Sad
any offers Huh?

training will definatley be my first port of call, i appreciate that their is a lot to take on board.
all of your information is really helping, thanks and keep it coming Grin
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 8 November 2003
Hi Donna

Try ...

'Fresh & Clean'  (in your Town)

Tel: 01724 850759

They are long time members of the NCCA and part of the Scotchcare Network.

Anne and Peter Graves... nice people....know what they are doing!

I hope this information will help.

Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 8 November 2003
I started as a carpet and upholstery cleaner 3 years ago.
Now a member of the NCCA, trained etc. Most of my work is carpet cleaning. I difersified into home cleaning, rentals etc, to fill in the gaps.
This side of the business is taking off slowly but surely.
I have spent much time improving methods of cleaning and the use of commercial cleaning chemicals to offer a service
second to non.
Clients are most impressed when there property is cleaned like a new pin and as an added bonus, in most cases their carpets have been professionally cleaned to look nearly new again.
This will be a good addition to your business if you'v got the right equipment and training.

Posted by Ivar_Haglund (Ivar_Haglund), 9 November 2003
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Give Bane Clene a call

first class comuany and chemicals and cleaning machines

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 9 November 2003
Donna, if you want to see a real carpet cleaner in action come across to hull and spend a day with me!

seriously if your interested in carpet cleaning if might be a bit off an eye-opener.

I know Pete & Ann in Scunnie they might be a good company to sub-contract to.

Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 9 November 2003
hi mike
thats a very nice offer and one i would definatley like to take you up on, if we can arrange it.
i would need a bit of notice to sort childcare of my little man but nothing that cant be sorted.
let me know

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