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So what IS the best liquid?????

Posted by Nick_Purssey (Nick_Purssey), 11 December 2003
I just wondered what the most popular liquid (beer Grin) is, ( for those of us who still use a squeege!! I have seen a lot about GG3 or 4, but what about all the others??  I have found GG4 good (but use 3x what they say) and really like it for skrim work, leads and all the small stuff as it gives a good shine and seems to dry quickly even this time of the year, and I do use it when squeegeing but prefare SYR's glimmer clean as it has a few bubbles and good slide.  
        ps I dont use fairy as it was very bad for my hands  Huh no REALLY!
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 11 December 2003
Its been a toss up between GG4 and Fairy for the past 3 months but I've finally settled for GG4. No more wiping the sill with a cloth  Cool
Posted by Neil (wylie), 11 December 2003
Hi sham33
Excuse my ignorance but how do you get away with wiping the cill?
PS. Are you any relation to sham69?

Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 11 December 2003
lead singer Jim Pursey !!!!! could be related to nick
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 11 December 2003
Well it runs on the sill a lot cleaner almost like tap water instead of thick soapy studs. Maybe if i feel the need I'll run the applicator over the sill quickly but thats all.
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 11 December 2003
Whats Glimmerclean like for mopping up?


Posted by nigrub (nigrub), 12 December 2003
Depends how much you put in the bucket!! - Personally I found it left alot less suds than fairy to mop up after but I didn't think I got very good glide with it at all.  Tongue Funny how we all find things different innit! Still got a gallon in the boot. Cry
I'm stickin to Persil at the moment. Its cheap. Roll Eyes It slides Cheesy and you only need a couple of drops Grin
Posted by fez (fez), 17 December 2003
As a GG3 user for the past five(ish) months, I decided to have a day back on the Fairy.

Going back to washing up liquid after getting used to GG3 was a nightmare. I found it messy to use with loads of mopping up and much slower. I found that the suds got in the way and I couldn't see caked-on bits easily.

Today I was back using GG3 and it was so easy, no mess and less detailing. It took some getting used to at first but I'll never go back.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 17 December 2003
I like fez have been using GG4 for about six months and i tried fairy again for a day but i am glad i did because i could immediately see the benefits of GG4. It gives you less wiping up and a noticeably cleaner window. Smiley

Posted by pussycatz (HCS), 17 December 2003
I had been using GG3 for 18 months and decided to give fairy another go. It glides better than GG3 but its does need more detailing. I am no quicker using either. Customers are happy with both. I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure, or am I? Undecided
Posted by fez (fez), 17 December 2003
I do find though, that after using GG3, when I go back to my houses after a month they are still quite clean.

I don't know if this is a good thing or not. It's good for me as there's less work, but I hope that my customers don't notice! Wink
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 17 December 2003
Hi guys
I am playing catch up for the last 1 1/2 weeks so Monday thought give Persil another go. And found
A lot faster
Could see where I had been saved time looking at glass
There was a bit more mopping up but as long as I kept wiping up cloth damp no problem there
Always detailed with GG4 any way (find detailing work easier when sun and heat not on it)
Glide was a lot better
But did reduce amount of Persil I used to put in bucket
Now I donít know if it is worth the extra and quite a bit more.
One thing though GG4 excellent on rag work though

Posted by Bones (Bones), 18 December 2003
Hello Lads,

Well from all the GG4 hassles i've read in the past two months I think i have been lucky in the sense that GG4 is what I started with and have not really tried using anything else and, when i have found it a lot more messy.

Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 18 December 2003
WinkSorry guys I am still on the fairy,I have used gg3
coustomers said I was out of bubbles Huhthey were not happy!
Posted by paul (paul), 18 December 2003
Posted by pw (paul w), 18 December 2003
sunlight washing up liquid is quite good
Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 18 December 2003

do you mean they're both good .......

or good used together (mixed) ........ at the same time ? ?

Posted by matt (matt), 18 December 2003
i now use GG4 with a small dash of fairy Smiley, you have the glide from fairy, and the cleaning from GG

also as you dont use too much fairy, you dont get the build up of lanolin (or whatever its called)

Posted by denzle (denzle), 18 December 2003
I tried some Persil today and i have to say it ain't bad stuff, How much do you guys recomend to use.
I use a bottle on a belt system for refreshing my strip washer, the bottle is about 1lt capacity so how much should i add to that for best results.

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