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Fair Price? Am I quoting too much?

Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 15 January 2004
I have got a lot of work in the year that i have owned this Business,partly due to a fella i know that was retireing giving me a lot of it.(Bless Him).I have been asked on several occasions to supply quotes on commercial buildings and to date have no commercial work.It might be that im over pricing, i was asked to quote for a large food market that had 1426 windows that needed cleaning i priced it per window taking different sizes into account i said 55p per window i cant remember or bothered to work out the price to post here it was in the region of 850, is this far to much.I have now been asked to supply a quote on another commercial building this would be done on a 3 monthly basis there are approximately 150 windows that need doing inside and out and the sizes are approx 3ft x 18inches can some 1 please give me a rough idea on price please.
Posted by mogs (mogs), 26 January 2004
how long wud it take u 2 do the job?
work it on an hourly rate... say 30 pound an hour

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