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Sky One documentary - can you help?

Posted by Katherine (Katherine), 28 October 2003
My name is Katherine and I work at London Weekend Television.  We are currently making a documentary for Sky One about flirting and romance in the office.   We want to hear stories from people that work as cleaners.
Have you caught two office workers that assumed they were alone?  
Have you seen anything in the offices you clean that points towards saucy behaviour in the work place?  
We would love to interview you and have you feature in our show, no names and places need be mentioned.  We are happy to mention what company you work for.  If you have any questions or stories please contact me on 0207 633 2642, 0777 412 4545, or email me at
Many Thanks,
Posted by petra (petra), 28 October 2003
Great idea, but most of us are under confidentiality agreements.....
Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
seen loads but not telling, Tongue ha ha ha ha

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