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cleaning laminated floors

Posted by bluetwo (bluetwo), 17 August 2003
i have just had a new laminated floor fitted and i dont know how to clean it without leaving streaks all over it. I have tried all the new cloths that are on sale at the big stores but they still leave streaks . I have tried the wet wipes and the wet wipes with no luck can somebody please help me  yours Pauline
Posted by woodman (woodman), 18 August 2003
Have you tried houshold vinegar in a gallon of warm water or half cup of amonia in a gallon of water,

for spotting difficult marks try an acetone/nail polish remover.
Posted by Steve_Simmonds (Steve_Simmonds), 20 August 2003
Yes a small domestic polishing machine like the Karcher PST222 will do a good job and its easy to use. Cool
Posted by Derek (Derek), 20 August 2003

Be very careful... some laminate floor will buckle severely if wet! I recently spoke to a customer who had employed a couple of ladies to clean the house through... the large hall had a wood laminate floor.

They mopped the floor causing it to raise ten inches.

Heat can also cause buckling same people said that heat generated by the conservatory caused movement in the laminate .. perhaps the floor had been fitted incorrectly by not allowing room for the timber to expand.

Just take care


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