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Posted by Ben (Ben), 12 November 2003
HuhAny one got a system or poles from window-tools in Scotland ?
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 12 November 2003
Yes I got a 18 ft pole and brush form Peter , sold me what I wanted no problem and very helpfull. Cool
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 12 November 2003
i have the full hard water trolley set up from peter very happy with it few teething problems but it make my life easier.
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 13 November 2003
Hi gibbouk
How much water do you carry around with you for a days work
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 13 November 2003
i only use it on certain jobs hard to reach or pains to clean ie georgian windows so only take out 100 litres with me i like sqeegee work so i dont mind ladders need the excercise
Posted by fez (fez), 28 November 2003
I'm considering the window tools soft water system, anyone using it? Was it easy to fit and how long (roughly) does the 500L tank last?

All comments welcome! Wink
Posted by johnny_warrington (johnny_warrington), 28 November 2003
it was a pleasure doing business with peter/we have our machine 3 weeks now & as a result we have secured 2 apartment with ladders is a thing of the past
peters after sales service is excellent.

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