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Health and Safety Policy?

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 3 October 2003
Am i correct in thinking that you need a health and safety policy if you have employees?or do you need one just for yourself?
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 30 October 2003
Hi easycleanwindows
I have been looking into this
you need H&S policy if you have more then 4or 5 employees
But companys are asking one man bans to show them here is a link for a free template I use this one and only page 3 the statement I edit through Adobe Elements and copy on photo glossy paper

also is the link to other downloads
Hope this helps
Posted by Fox (Fox), 31 October 2003
You will find vast information on all sorts, employment laws etc on they will also send you regular updates by e mail.

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