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Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 18 October 2003
Hi Guys

How would you price a builders clean and what makes it different from a normal one off clean?

Do the carpets need to be done also?

I will be ringing around the area for others prices but thought I would ask you all learned 'Ladies and Germs'

What is the going rate in you area?


Martin Cool
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 19 October 2003
It is me again Grin
Cleaning after builders is a pain on the ass.
I charge per job, if carpets need to be done get some one subcontracting.

Price +25% of your normal one off cleaning.

Hope this Helps.
AtoZ Clean
p.s. yesterday i have cleaning form hell.3 bed house "just" dusting .It took as 15hours of work. The house was cleaned last time 2 years ago Shocked Shocked Shocked
Dust on walls was a 1cm thick!!!
How on earth some one can live in house soo dirtyHuhHuh?? Tongue Embarassed Huh

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