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IICRC Courses

Posted by Eric (Eric), 16 February 2004
I am having a look at the IICRC Courses, Would you know what the difference is between the Paul Pearce carpet cleaning technician course and the Chris Netherton IICRC carpet cleaning course. Or would you need to do both.



Posted by Ivar_Haglund (Ivar_Haglund), 16 February 2004
No you dont need both

learning something new or re learn something old is always good

IICRC and other orgs are like unions

pay them you money dues and they will tell you whats good for you.

IVAR Tongue Tongue
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 16 February 2004

Both Paul Pearce and Chris Netherton have had to receive  training over a period of time to be able to conduct IICRC courses therefore both of their courses should contain the same material and be generic.

The only real difference should be in the individual's presentation

Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 16 February 2004
i would also reccomend the IICRC ODOR (yes thats how its spelt) control technician course i took mine with Gary Funari goes quite into detail regarding urine problems an clean up of trauma scenes
Posted by peewa (neil 47), 19 February 2004
I have just returned from a 2 day(quite intensive) IICRC course(Complete Carpet Care)  ,it was a 800 mile round trip but it was well worth it. It was run by paul pearce I found him to be very helpfull and always had a answer for all your questions .
Like alex I would just like to say thank you to every one on this site that has helped me get this far.
It was only when I went on the course that I could fully understand what advice you were giving out and if you ask the right question you will get the right answer from cc on here. I now think I am a lot more prepared to go out there and clean carpets with confidence.
It was also nice to meet people in the same buissnes    with the same problems in the whole it was a good learning experiance and know what belgian wilton looks like now lol. so thanks every one.  

Neil Huh Huh Huh Grin Cool Cool   cornwall
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 19 February 2004
All the best for the future Neil

Very soon it will be 'you' giving advice to others coming into the industry


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