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Scrims and Huck towels

Posted by JohnM1 (JohnM1), 17 December 2003
Hi guys,

I'm new to this window cleaning game and it's going well, but I am a little confussed, can you guys give me some advice.

Just about to buy some new cloths, but whats the difference between Huck towels and Scrims and what are they used for?

How many should I buy of each and what type, Washed/unwashedHuh?  

Thanks guys


Posted by denzle (denzle), 17 December 2003
Huck towels are useful things to carry but their use is limited, basically they are blue cotton surgical towels that have been used a few times, they are cleaned and sold on to people like us. I can only liken the material to the roller type towels that you find in some pub loos.
Each towel is about 20" x 14" and hemmed all round.
If your going to buy some get about 20. They soak the water, but are wet and unusable quite quickly. They are brilliant in the summer, 2 of these will keep you going all day
Scrim on the other hand comes in 36" x 36" which is way to big for me, so i have mine cut in half, hemmed all round then boil the hell outa them a few time before they are any good. I would say buy about 5 or so and get them halved and hemmed. Scrim is good once it has been worn in.
With that many cloths you will be able to work all day at the very least ( Pos 2 ) without running out of dry detailing cloth.
Hope this helps
Posted by denzle (denzle), 17 December 2003
Sorry i forgot to tell you what you use them for, scrim and huck towels are used for detailing your finished window. You wash it, squeegee it dry then in most cases we detail.... that is to remove any small amount of water left around the edges of the glass. If this isn't done the dirty water will dry leaving a 1/4 inch line on all 3 sides, or worse still the top edge will run and leave cry marks down the rest of your freshly cleaned
Scrim can also be used for buffing up leaded windows as well, just mist spray the whole area with GG4 solution wipe with a dryish cloth to remove any dirt and polish with scrim, jobs a good 'un
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 8 January 2004

Will my local cleaning supplier sell scrim?

Will they know what i am on about??

I dont want to look a complete nana!!  especially as when i dontknow what the b l;oody things look like hahaha



Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 8 January 2004
Your local cleaning supplier should stock it. Ours does but it's about 1.00 dearer than what you can buy it for from the suppliers on the net.

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