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Taking on staff?

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 5 February 2004
Hi Guys

I am just advertising for staff as things are progressing.

I would like to ask you all about how to go on from here.

Do you supply your staff with products per job?

Give them the products to keep so they have a good supply for a while?

Do you pay at the end of week or month?

Do you have loads on the books and call as and when you need them?

Do you know where i can get my hands on some contracts?

Do you have one person in charge (beside yourself that is)?

Many, many thanks


Martin Cool
Posted by Fox (Fox), 5 February 2004
Hi Martin

When recruiting staff you need to look at your business and the needs of it.  Are you employing for commercial work or domestic?

I suggest that the cleaners keep a good supply in their vehicle if it is for domestic and you are providing the cleaning materials.  On commercial sites you should be allocated a cleaning cupboard, how you keep it stocked depends on the security of the cupboard and the site itself (some sites things go walkies!)  I ask my cleaners to be responsible for the ordering of the stock from the office and supply as neccesary.

Personally we pay weekly as it attracts staff, however this can generate alot of admin work so fortnightly seems to be a favourite for alot of cleaning companies.

Having a bank of staff is ideal but not always realistic, people won't hang around waiting for work!  As for gaining contracts I suggest you do some research in sales and marketing for your area, check out the competion etc.


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