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Suites - charging per seat?

Posted by Ian_Hare (Ian_Hare), 21 January 2004
A can of worms to open up here.  Wink Shocked Grin

Following on from the topic of suites earlier, many people charge per seat unit.

However, how does everyone qualify this in relation to a typical 3pc  (e.g.) 3 seat sofa and 2 armchairs.

An armchair has:       two arms + one cushion area.
A 3 seater sofa has:  two arms + one cushion area
                                 + two more cushion areas.

These extra two cushion areas are approximately equivalent to two arms + one cushion area.
The point being a 3 seater sofa is equivalent in size to 2 armchairs.
This is of course dependant on relative cushion size and whether double or single sided etc.

Therefore, who charges for 5 seats and who charges for 4, or perhaps has no-one thought of it in this way?

Regards Ian.
Posted by woodman (woodman), 21 January 2004
Hi Ian

A basic 3 piece suite is five seated areas and as such my charges would start at 29 a seat.

A large two seater sofa is still classed as a 3 person seated area as cushions are so large and would be charged as such.

Scatter cushions are extra. Wink

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 21 January 2004
I like Woody charge for 5 seats, my price is 15 per seat and an extra 5 for proction, however, I'm now putting my prices up as the time it takes and some advice from the guys on here about pricing and customers.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 22 January 2004

Pricing by seating unit is probably the better way... a three piece suite...what is it?

3 x 2 x 1

2 x 1 x 1

3 x 2 x 2

Each three separate items but what a difference in material to clean.

Posted by Ian_Hare (Ian_Hare), 22 January 2004
Hi Derek,
long time no see,
the point I was making is that a 3 seater sofa is equal in value to 2 armchairs, if you were to lay out all the material flat.
So a 3 pc cosisting of a sofa and 2 armchairs, I cost as sofa=50%  chairs=25% each of the total.
An extra chair would add an extra 25% to cost.
Most people would add only 20% by their methodology.
Regards Ian.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 23 January 2004
Hi Ian

Nice to meet up with you on Wednesday night... an interesting evening.

I do happen to agree with you ... I have found that a two seater settee plus two chairs takes almost as much time to clean as a three seater and two chairs... my price for the former reflects that

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 23 January 2004

Like yourself, I find that most 2-seater sofas take nearly as long as 3-seaters.

When you examine most three seaters, the majority of the soiling is located in the arms and the outer cushions - the centre cushions are likely to be the cleanest part of the contact areas of the entire suite.

For this reason my prices differ only 10 between the two sizes.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 23 January 2004
Hi Ian

Sorry about the mix up in names...I don't usually split Hares!!!  Wink   That was a terrible joke  Embarassed


Posted by Ian_Hare (Ian_Hare), 24 January 2004
Derek, it's the kind of joke I'd crack! Fawlty humour, Python reared.

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