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Can you help pricing commercial work?

Posted by Brian_Hayward (Brian_Hayward), 14 January 2004
Hi Guys, first time on this board and already I am looking for some guidance which I would be grateful for any help?
I have been in business for some years in the cleaning of carpets & Upholstery. About a year ago one of my customers asked me if I could also clean the windows owing to the regular window cleaner decided to finish this kind of work. I agreed and took over this work charging the same amount of money. I have now decided to go more into window cleaning towards the commercial customer were my existing customer are, however, I have no idea what to quote.
With this in mind, I would be very grateful if anyone could guild me regarding the price you would charge. E.g. do you quote on the time or window cleaned etc, etc?
Thanks for you help
Roll Eyes

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 14 January 2004
Hi Brian and welcome!

If you have a dig around you'll find a few threads on this sort of topic. Overall I think most people here work out an hourly rate once they're confident that they can accurately predict how much time a given number of windows will take. Whether people would send a written quote with an overall cost or cost per window is an interesting question though........anyone?

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 14 January 2004
Hi Brian
          When i go to estimate a commercial window cleaning job i tend to have an idea of how long the job will take (which as time goes on and you get more experienced you will get better at) and then i times it by £30 an hour and then come up with a figure.

Posted by Brian_Hayward (Brian_Hayward), 15 January 2004
Thanks Steve & Mike for your help!
Kind regards
Posted by simonb (simonb), 15 January 2004
I never price by time as that limits what you can earn.Price by window and then the faster you go the more you earn
Posted by mark_binnie (windowman), 21 February 2004
I've been five years in the job and not getting a lot faster. Six months after I started I was twice as fast as when i started, but after five years your at working speed. For commercial work it depends on your location, I price up at £25-£30 per hour. I know a two man team who work in central london and say they do £80 per hour thats £40 each they blame congression charges parking fees and traffic.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 21 February 2004
Whether people would send a written quote with an overall cost or cost per window is an interesting question though........anyone?

We have given a quote for the whole building verbally, but then followed up with it set out clearly in writing.  

I'd always advise you to get what's agreed in writing, then if there are any misunderstandings, you both have something to refer to.  It doesnt need to be a formal contract, just a simple letter explaining your understanding of what has been agreed.  

If anyone's interested I could post on of our's for you to see. (with the details removed of course!)

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 21 February 2004
If anyone's interested I could post on of our's for you to see. (with the details removed of course!)


Yes please!
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 22 February 2004
Here's an example of one we used recently  Italics is where you would use your own details:

Dear contact name,

Window Cleaning

Thank you for accepting our quotation for window cleaning at your offices in location.  Further to our conversation today, I write to confirm our understanding of the details of our new arrangement.

Please note that this is for information only, and is not binding on you or us.  If I have omitted any details, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss the matter.

The price for window cleaning the various parts of the building will be as follows:

All accessible windows (inside & out) on all 4 floors,
(including the entire lobby area) excluding ‘the annex’
and the atrium roof                               :      £PRICE

All accessible windows (inside & out) in ‘The Annex’       :      £PRICE

The Atrium Roof                              :      £PRICE

I understand that you will require the internal windows of the building (i.e. door panels and those separating corridors) cleaned on an ad hoc basis.  This will be included in the price above.

When we have completed the work, we will send you an invoice for the work done in that month.  It is our policy to allow credit terms of 30 days to all of our corporate customers.

If for any reason we cannot come one month, we will usually be able to arrange cover by another professional firm that we have a reciprocal arrangement with.  We will tell you in advance if this is to happen.

If there are any details that you wish to clarify, or if I have misunderstood your requirements in any way, please feel free to contact us at the above number

May I thank you for your custom, and warmly welcome CUSTOMER NAME to Hanson.

Yours sincerely


Hanson Window Cleaning

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 22 February 2004
Hi Phil, as you've shown me one of yours, I'll show you one of mine  Shocked This was to clean the communal windows in some blocks of stairs for a property management company.

For attention of Mr Name
Re:- Quote for a Regular Window Cleaning Service at  Address.

Dear Mr Name,
As requested, I’ve inspected the stairs at the above address and I would like to put forward the following proposal:-

All windows, glass doors and glazed panels, to be cleaned inside and outside for the cost of only £XYZ inc vat every four weeks. To break this down to the cost per stair, this works out at £xyz plus vat, and at eight flats per stair, each owner’s share is just under £xy per clean.

Dalzell Window-Cleaning Service is a “No-Contract” contract window cleaning business. I believe that the standard of work carried out will ensure that you won’t need to look elsewhere, and that our pricing is fair to both sides. If any queries do arise, I feel sure that they can be ironed out in a friendly manner. Blowing my own trumpet, we’re usually very dependable, but sometimes get held back by the vagaries of our great Scottish weather!

Invoices are usually printed on the last working day of the month, in arrears, and prompt payment is expected - at the very latest, one calendar month from receipt.

Under the terms of The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, all window cleaners must be licenced and insured, and we have been since startup in 1983. Copies of my current licence and insurance policy can be made available to you. Likewise, if you might need references from any existing customers, I would be happy to arrange this as well. Dalzell Window Cleaning Service has been a member of the National Federation of Master Window Cleaners since 1990, as well as being members of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Assuming that you find this proposal to be acceptable, we can agree a suitable time to clean your windows when we next make contact.

Yours faithfully etc

C'mon guys, what other styles of quotes are out there? I'm sure we can all pick up tips from each other.

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