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Posted by leon (leon), 12 January 2004
in an earlier post u replyed sayin start of in 1 section and flurish  in your opinion which way would be the best to look at.  commercial /domestic    thx           would appreciate  any  advice from others in here on the best route to take with little funding

i know it is more a case of which suits me but would be nice for a little help from the pro,s   thx
Posted by petra (petra), 12 January 2004
dommestic work is your bread and butter money, well it is here in kent, WE charge 10 per local, for general daily clean, commercial you need to win the work..that is the hardest bit, apart from retaining, so advertise for both, but the domestic market is easier to get the work.
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 12 January 2004

Could you clarify We charhe 10 per local?

Is that 10 a clean or 10 an hour

Do you supply cars or vans to your cleaners.

or do you pay travel expenses?

Posted by petra (petra), 13 January 2004
no 10 per hour, sorry busy week
No do not supply cars..they use their own, but I pay fuel allowance.

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