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Amtech CFR Users - comments please

Posted by Alan_Harrison (Alan_Harrison), 15 January 2004
I had a demo yesterday of the CFR machine by the nice people from Amtech. It was a very convincing performer. Quiet in operation and it certainly shifted the muck with little effort. Before I spend my cash could I ask for other Amtec users comments on the recycleing system. Some of the rugs I clean are very doggie. I understand the use of the deodouriser, but how is the udour removed from the water? If I go on to clean another rug without changing the water would it be contaminated?
Posted by carpetmonsters (carpetmonsters), 15 January 2004
hi alan

the cfr is a amtech product. as to doggie smells and general contaminatons they have a product to combat the problem killing all smells and bacteria.

i have the cfr system and have been useing it for over a year.

any questions give me a call 01279 422335


Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 15 January 2004
Hi Steve, do you get the 1 hour drying times for carpets and upholstery which are advertised?
Posted by Alan_Harrison (Alan_Harrison), 16 January 2004
Thanks for pointing that out Steve. I've made the correction.
Excuse (a) I was 50 on Monday!
Excuse (b) Over excited at the prospect of buying new kit!
Posted by carpetmonsters (carpetmonsters), 16 January 2004
hi alan

i wish i was just 50. it is prob the quickest dry times , how long i dont know never timed it

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 17 January 2004

You are only 50....I always thought you were much older than that! Wink Smiley Grin

See you on Wednesday in Sunny Nottinghamshire.

For those of you who are interested the NCCA are holding an evening Branch Meeting (Open to non members) on Wednesday 21st January...demo's of Steve's new Oscillating pad machine plus the 'new' Charlie Pads from Solutions.

Karl and Steve from Amtech (CFR) will be putting in an appearance too

Interested the NCCA on 0116 2719550 for more details....cost just over 7.00 which includes a buffet.


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