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unger hi- flo kit

Posted by garry (garry), 11 February 2004
Undecided could someone tell me what these are like for cleaning windows, pvc and fascia and soffits as think of getting one getting tired of risking my life with awkard windows any advise please. Kiss
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 11 February 2004
One word : Rubbish.

The brush is very heavy for its size, and makes the whole thing extreemly difficult to control when extended.  The brush bristles are feathered and hold goo and dirt, meaning you have to rinse it for ages before it comes clean again.

The water feeds through a hole rather than a nozzle, and so it just trickles out and dribbles through the bristles with no "spray" action.  

The unger poles are aluminium-the heaviest you can get.  And it comes with 2m long sections, meaning you still need to stand on your ladders to extend them, and your hands freeze in winter.  The locking colars are the twist kind, not quick release as with most fibre glass ones.

You're much better off getting a residential pole from Ionic or pure20 or someone else who does fibre glass poles.  Thier cheapest 40ft residential pole is about £150.  The Unger Hi Flo costs £100 and reaches about 28ft.  You can buy another unger pole section for £20 making it not much cheaper than a fibre glass, and far inferior.  

Forget the fact it comes with a pathetic soap dispenser, you'll never ever, ever use that.  One use and the whole system will be contaminted in such a way that you won't ever be able to use it for windows.  And the soap tablets themselves are worthy only of chucking in the bin.

If you need any more info message me.  I was so annoyed at how rubbish the hi-flo kit was,  I nearly complained to unger about it.

If you really want one, rather than buy it new, just find someone who already has one.  They will undoubtably pay you to take the thing off their hands.


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