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Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 15 February 2004
Hi All

begining of the year i Employed chap by the name of Simon Paul Grey, Well two weeks ago i sacked him! he had 4 days of in 3 weeks, well the reason iam writing this post/topic is that he took a ceq from the back of my ceq book (3452-00) and cashed it well he has done a runner with my money, well he has a dad (they dont get on) that is a carpet cleaner in dorset would any one know his dad or does any one know him, he is from Milton Keynes BUT did talk about he had worked in spain, as you can imagine all information is in the strictest confidence.

iam sure you would agree with me that this person needs to be court so that he can not do it to any one else in the cleaning Industry.



fed member
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 16 February 2004
Have you notified the Police?
We had a simular incident about 10 years ago the Bank repayed the money as the signiture was clearly not mine or my buisness partners.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 16 February 2004
My bank bounced a large cheque of mine when the signature was a bit iffy. Said it was for my security.
No way they should have cashed this one without full ID.
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 16 February 2004
The bank will be able to tell the police which a/c it was cashed in to - get a hold of them QUICK so they can get a hold of this guy before most of the money's spent.
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 16 February 2004
If he comes to Mallorca, I'll let you know-its a small Island!
Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 16 February 2004
yes i told the police and today got a copy of the ceq from the bank, he made the ceq payable to him self and payed it though his own back account which is not to clever, police did pay him a visit  but as you can imagine gone with no forwarding address, good news is that the bank have put there hands up (HSBC) and said sorry the ceq should never gone thought as it did not have my signature and they will pay the full amount back to me, the sad thing about this is that, i know the bloke had recently been down on his luck but if any one else applies for a job that is in the same situation but is totally honest they wont be geting any help from me.

so if any one comes across a bloke by the name of SIMON PAUL GREY date of birth 21/09/71 "Let Me Know"

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