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Hello Everybody

Posted by AF_Consulting (AF_Consulting), 22 March 2004
I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to everybody and introduce myself.

My name is Alan Finch and I run a small engineering consultancy with clients in many parts of Europe. You may ask "Whats this got to do with carpet cleaning?" Very briefly, our main area of expertise is for small IC Stationary Engines. The sort of engines you'd find in Concrete Mixers, Water Pumps, Portable Generators and the larger vehicle mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines etc.etc.

If you don't mind me "dropping in" from time to time, I'll keep you informed of what's happening in my part of the world, and if it's of benefit to you, then great.

Bye for now

Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 22 March 2004
Yes, you could prove to be very useful in the months ahead Alan
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 22 March 2004

Have you a web site?

Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 23 March 2004
Do you have a travel charge ?  Wink

Posted by AF_Consulting (AF_Consulting), 27 March 2004
Would you believe it. I'm out in Shanghai for a conference, and there's a bl**dy cleaning show here next week!

The issues raised by your replies, thanks for responding, wont be very fruitful yet.   As a fledgling business, after many years working primarily within the automotive industry, I have not had time to properly research and assess my website needs, so no, I don't have a website yet.  Jim. I've looked at your profile and yes I would make a travel charge in your case.

I should be back in the office next week, but it's turned 10.00pm here and I'm shattered.
Evening all.
Posted by AF_Consulting (AF_Consulting), 1 April 2004
Got back in the office Tuesday, can’t sleep when I should, and been here since 5.00 this morning. It’s a tough life. Nothing exciting from the Asian Conference unless you’re into the thermo dynamics of combustion.

Something that may be of interest to you though is what arrived in the post yesterday. As you are all probably aware, the latest stage in EU Automotive Emissions came into effect 17th June 2003. You’re also probably aware that these regulations will also apply to stationary/industrial internal combustion engines as from 17th June 2004. Apparently though, as from 17th June 2005 it will be necessary for ALL stationary/industrial engines to meet these very strict regulations. The only exceptions will be for those sited in rural areas (?) I gather the European farmers carry a lot of political weight!

Seriously though, the repercussions for commerce are enormous. The general consensus within our industry is that air cooled engines will not be able to meet these new stringent emission controls. That’s when the engines are new. Once they’ve run for a few hundred hours they’ll be churning out more illegal pollution than an old steam engine struggling up hill. Modern water-cooled engines should meet the regulations but those more than about 2 years old will almost certainly fail. So expensive re-bores and maybe valve regrinding will be in order. It’s generally believed that Environmental Health Officers will carry portable meters with them to spot check any running engines they come across on their travels. The UK government have not yet announced whether or not a licensing and “MOT” type system will come into force, but it is widely expected that the DTI will make an announcement soon.

If any of you have vehicle mounted equipment or generators of any type, but especially those with air cooled engines, it would be prudent to make enquiries now as to your options when the new regulations come into force.


Posted by AF_Consulting (AF_Consulting), 1 April 2004
There have been 28 readings of my last post so far today, and nobody suspected.

Safe and happy...... Grin Grin

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