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Traffic Lane Removal

Posted by bobh (bobh), 6 August 2003
Although I use a fairly new double vacum extraction machine I still have a lot of probs removing traffic lanes. I do prespray with Ashbys prespotter. Any tips to improve performance even a little would be appreciated. Huh
Posted by Derek (Derek), 6 August 2003
There are several issues here..

1 Make sure that you always prevacuum thoroughly..that is North to South / East to West with a good powerful vacuum

2. Spray on your pre-treatment chemical.

3. Agitate to ensure that the remaining soil is released. Agitation may be by power head on the extraction tool, a separate machine ie one with cotra-rotating brushes.

4. Rinse with extraction machine using a low pH rinse agent

Posted by bobh (bobh), 10 August 2003
Thanks Derek, I'll give them a try.

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