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Compensation Culture!

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 7 March 2004
Hi Guys

In another post I was on about how we the small biz owner seems to be funding the whole venture.

have any of you guys had any outrageous claims against you?


Martin Cool
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 7 March 2004
Earning part of my living from Sales, I believe that the reason for compensation culture is the armies of Salesmen trawling the streets looking for people prepared to say they have had an acident. This is reinforced by the insurance companies advertising on TV

In the past we did not bother to sue as we new the costs would be too great.

In reality the ambluence chassers do not pusue claims unless they think they can win

The perception is created that it easy to sue but it is not.

The client has to prove that you acted carelessly.

Is the client going to risk a court case for a small amount

We must remember to keep a record of every job and anything that might have occured as some people do delibratley try to blame tradesmen.

I think the upwardly mobile are the worst.

Used to be called YUPPIES when I was one.

Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 7 March 2004
I thought someone was going to make a claim against me about 12 months ago. i was polishing a floor in a supermarket and this guy tripped over the cable Roll Eyes he moaned at the time and i didnt have any signs out Embarassed. he said he was going to complain to the shop manager about how dangerous it was etc but i never heard anything after but i do wonder how long after the acident someone can make a claim??
Posted by DP (DP), 8 March 2004
BeeClean I think it is 3 years  and 5 in exceptional cases

As you and Martin are aware I am in the middle of a contentious but serious claim right now and have been making some enquiries.

Truck Mount Demo Gone Wrong;action=display;num=1077419007

However this is not meant to detract from Martins original question, just that the above post relates to this quite well.

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