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Start Up Business - Help

Posted by StuartMc (StuartMc), 3 February 2004
Briefly: Background - New venture. Residential new build cleaning prior to home sale completion. Services - Build Clean & Sparkle Clean. Good chance of success I have someone vouching for us from within a couple of housing developers.
Question - I am putting together our 'corporate' brochure. I am looking for any text, graphics, layout, phrases that I could use to pass to the literature design company. Maybe someone knows a good web site that I could get some ideas from? No point re-inventing the wheel?
Posted by DP (DP), 3 February 2004
Most of the public sector graphics will be known to the design company as they should have access to all these things as part of thier industry. Most will carry some form of lisence which they will no doubt have paid for.

If you are just looking for idea's which you say you are, then just type "cleaning companies" into any browser, spend a bit of time and effort and you will get thousands of ideas, and if your serious about your company you should be able to produce a superb and original brochuer.

Posted by kb58 (keith b), 3 February 2004

If you want to create a professional corperate looking brochure, you need the services of a `COPYWRITER`, (basically they are wordsmiths for the advertising world and they can help with page design) but they can charge up to 500 per day!.
Other than that i would follow DP`s advice.
Posted by StuartMc (StuartMc), 7 February 2004
Thanks DP and keith b for your help.
Posted by heritagecleaning (heritagecleaning), 7 February 2004

If 'nicking' text from other cleaning compamy websites, as I do, then do it from American one's. They'll never know and are even less likely to care!

With pics.....know anyone with a digital camera or scanner? If so why not do your own?


Posted by kb58 (keith b), 8 February 2004
Hi again stuart,

There are two books that might be useful to ya, and they are availible from [url][/url]
(but you will have to hunt around the website as i can`t link to the page direct), they are -

Advertising Copywriting 7th,
by Philip Ward Burton
ISBN 0844232068

The Mcgraw-Hill handbook of more business letters,
by Ann Poe
ISBN 0070505179

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